The Role of Vape Influencers in Shaping Vaping Culture and Trends

Modern times have brought so many changes to our daily lives. Something unimaginable for all of us just a few years back is now becoming our reality, which is ironically, being shaped mostly in the online world. We are witnessing the rise of new social media that are completely taking over the world, and no matter how hard we try to stay away from them, it seems that we always end up jumping on the bandwagon. You know what they say. If you cannot beat them, join them!

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Even the world of vaping has noticed the impact of the digital era, and we, as fans of it, are not mad because of it. We have noticed a significant increase of influencers, who are dedicating their online presence to talking about this new way of nicotine consumption. And just as their name says, they are determined to influence upcoming trends and share some insight information with us, but also hype devices they personally believe are worth attention. They play a huge role in what will come next and in shaping the overall realm of vaping. 

Influencers Taking Over the World 

Maybe it sounds a bit dramatic when we say that influencers are taking over the world, but does it really? Nowadays, when half of the world’s population uses social media, we need to admit that the power that some people have online is astonishing. They can reach millions and millions of people in just a few clicks. Surely, becoming a significant online figure may be harder than it seems, the vaping niche included. But, once you make your name in this growing market, you are taking on responsibility for what you want to talk about, promote, and ultimately make popular and highly demanded. 

Influencers can make or break a certain device, and set up whole new trends. If a big name says that the next it aroma is, for example, Candy Trio, you can bet that the demand for it will go through the roof.

So, yes! We can all agree that modern-day trendsetters can affect the way we vape, and thanks to them we can be introduced to some marvels we wouldn’t know about if they weren’t saying some great things about them. Surely, it is key to find a name whose lifestyle and beliefs resonate with yours and listen to what they have to say. Whether we will opt for their recommendation is up to us. But hey. It doesn’t hurt to hear their opinions. 

Choose Wisely and Enjoy Each Vape Session 

As we all already know, we cannot believe everything we see online, even though we have heard something from our favorite influencer or celebrity. We need to consider everything cautiously since we don’t know if something is raved about only because it is a paid post, or because that particular device is worth buying.

Recently, we have seen some big names from public life partnering with some major vape brands, or even creating their own. Since they have huge followings and fan bases, it can be very easy for them to sell the product, even though they are not always of the highest quality. So, make sure to do a bit of research before adding a product to your cart. Read some reviews or watch videos of people talking about a specific device. Even if we admire some influencer or a celebrity, that doesn’t mean that we need to believe everything they say. We need to determine whether a trend is something we want to immerse in due to its quality, or due to its popularity.  

High-Rated Device in the World of Vaping 

With so many vape brands emerging and being talked about at all times, it may be a daunting task to know which ones are truly exceptional, and which ones are just a marketing trick. Therefore, we love opting for those which are recommended a lot, and by various influencers with different preferences.

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That shows us that the device is worth trying out and that it can be loved by users with different vaping habits. When we choose our next puff maker, there are a few things we are taking into consideration. First and foremost, how does it perform? How does it look? And maybe most importantly, which aromas are waiting for you? One of the disposables that ticks all the boxes is the Smok Spaceman Prism 20K+. It delivers a premium vape experience, and it is also one of the products that has been popping out online a lot. Which means that we are not the only ones to adore it!

Smok Spaceman Prism 20K is made by one of the leading brands on the market, so it comes as no surprise that it has been one of the best-selling disposables lately. One of the things that makes it perfect is its carefully curated range of aromas, which will satisfy the taste buds of even the most discerning vapers. When we say that this collection has something for everyone, we really mean that. It is a perfect blend of fruit-based and menthol-based flavors, which can make each vape session extremely delectable. SMOK always makes sure to keep up with trends, and that is reflected in their choice of aromas.

Additionally, we need to say that this is one of the best-looking devices we have seen recently, and that is why many influencers are deciding to incorporate it into their lives. Its futuristic design is truly something special and eye-catching. One of its most innovative features is the presence of a smart power screen display window, which can help vapers always remain informed about the way they vape. This disposable is among the coolest ones you can spend your money on, and it will be our recommendation of the day!

So, don’t forget to think carefully about what you see and read online, do your research, and make sure that your next disposable will surpass all your expectations and take you on an unforgettable vape adventure!

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Travis Dillard is a business consultant and an organizational psychologist based in Arlington, Texas. Passionate about marketing, social networks, and business in general. In his spare time, he writes a lot about new business strategies and digital marketing for Mirror Solutions Group.


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