The small things that can mean a lot in a romantic relationship

It’s natural to get comfortable in your relationship. You have been with your partner for several years, and the initial mystery has dissipated. You no longer shave your legs for every encounter, and they have discovered all of your single secret behaviours. Relationships change and adapt as you grow older and mature together. But you can still integrate romance into your lives by doing the small things for one another

If your relationship has settled into a rut, try doing these small things to spice things up.

Give a compliment

When you live with your partner, you see each other in every state imaginable. Usually, you have no makeup on, hair in a mum bun and a ratty old T-shirt. However, you can still make an effort to compliment your partner and remind them how beautiful they are. Perhaps, you could take note when they get a haircut or make a special effort for date night. Small compliments every day can boost your partner’s confidence and give them an extra pep in their step.

Small, unexpected surprises

It’s normal for relationships to settle in a routine, with little room for spontaneity. Try to mix things up in your routine with the unexpected surprise from time to time. You can get up early and make them breakfast in bed before work. Or, you could ask them to meet you at a bar for a surprise date night. You don’t need a reason to surprise your partner – be spontaneous and add some spark to your relationship.

Listen to what they want

Your partner might drop hints of what they want for Christmas throughout the year. Make a note of these comments on your phone, so you can remember when gift-buying time comes around. Say goodbye to floundering around for presents, and hello to organisation.

Unexpected small gifts

If your partner’s love language is gift-giving, you need to step up your game. Buy them small gifts from time to time to remind them how much they mean to you. You could buy chocolate online and have it delivered to their office. You don’t have to wait for them to have a bad day or promotion to send a gift. Unexpected gifts are the best ones.

Get corny sometimes

Every relationship needs a little Hollywood magic. Get corny and share how much you love them. It could be the odd comment here and there, or you could go full out with a cheesy romance night. Scatter flower petals, light candles and arrange an at-home movie night. Sometimes classic romance is the best way to kickstart your spark again.

Turn the romance back on in your relationship with a few thoughtful gestures.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

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