The Top 4 Misconceptions of Buying Bongs Online: DEBUNKED

Around 12% of Americans are Marijuana users. The number might look little unless you find that the total number of users is almost 40 million. Those interested in smoking herbal substances like marijuana need a filtration device. Termed as a ‘bong’ or a ‘water pipe,’ these are a longstanding part of the US smoking culture. But then, buying a bong can be one of the most challenging decisions if you are a beginner.

Buying bongs online is no tough ordeal unless you hear the myths. After all, fake information and misconceptions sound legit unless someone proves them otherwise. Here are the most popular misconceptions about buying a bong online:

Buying Bongs Online is Against the Law | Myth #1

This myth has prevented legal-aged users from purchasing their favorite bongs from online shops. You must have heard people say that it is an illegal purchase. But, it is not.

The basic criterion of buying a bong online is simple. If you are of the legal age (18+), you can buy bongs from any online headshop. It is entirely legal, no matter where you are in the US. It doesn’t matter what your state’s laws about the use of cannabis are. So, you can buy a bong online from anywhere, and it will not be flagged as something illegal.

Online Head Shops Charge More | Myth #2

It is a widespread belief that online bong and dab rig stores charge more than offline ones. But, it is a misconception and just a false assumption. Instead, it is the other way around, as online stores are home to many smoking and cannabis products, including bongs. And their prices are equal or lesser to the offline stores, and most have enough discount options available.

Besides that, online bong shops have the latest products in their arsenal. You can get new smoking tools, dab rigs, bongs, etc., at a considerably lower price.

Zero Privacy in Buying Online | Myth #3

It is unlawful and illegal for any online/offline shop to disclose its customers’ private information. So, it is yet another misconception that centers around buying online bongs.

Moreover, the bong you purchase online will be packed so that no one gets to know what’s inside unless the package is unboxed.

Besides that, online bong stores also have secured servers for credit card payment. So, there is no loss of privacy and security when you buy your bong online.

Online Shops Sell Defective Products | Myth #4

Like privacy matters, online stores also have policies for their customers regarding damaged products. So, even if you get a bong that has a broken edge, consider that to be unintentional.

Talking about defective products, online head shops perform different quality checks before shipping out the product. Just like any other company selling something, a defective product is like a one-in-a-thousand issue. And no company wants to lose their customers selling defective stuff online.

Moreover, if you are still worried, you should know that the companies have return and exchange policies. It is not that you will be stuck permanently with your product even if you have issues.

Final Words

Buying bongs online is something that more and more Americans prefer today. The reason is simple, i.e., online bong stores simply offer more options at every budget segment. Moreover, the options you find here seem like paradise for bong lovers. You can even get imported items from other countries.

Unlike a myth, online bong shops dispatch and deliver your purchased bongs within days, you do not have to wait for an eternity to get your bong. There are trusted online stores, which offer as much convenience as any offline store would do.

Photo by Grav on Unsplash

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