These Female Authors Are Ruling The Best-Sellers List

People are buying more books than ever, and according to recent data, US publishers sold over 800 million print books in 2021, up nearly 9% over the previous year. Some titles gained success through TikTok recommendations, and the young adult fiction category, in particular, has seen a significant rise in sales. There\’s no doubt that the pandemic has changed the way people buy books, and while some novels have gained popularity over the past two years, there are authors who produce hit after hit, which is why readers are always on the lookout for their works.

Online marketing tactics can help to boost sales, but great storytelling skills can result in having multiple best-sellers. For books that never fail to entertain and inspire you, check out these female authors who are constantly ruling the best-sellers list.

Colleen Hoover

Colleen Hoover\’s book, \”It Ends With Us,\” was published six years ago, but it became an instant hit in 2021 and is currently No. 1 on The New York Times paperback list. This book reportedly sold four million copies all over the world as fans couldn\’t help but get immersed in the story about a florist who falls in love with a neurosurgeon. The success of \”It Ends With Us\” spurred fans to check out more of Hoover\’s work, and back in August, it was reported that she dominated the best-sellers list with 15 titles. Some of her books which made it to the top 10 include \”Verity,\” a thriller about a writer who gets hired to finish an injured author\’s popular series; \”Ugly Love,\” a heartbreaking novel about a messy love affair between a nurse and a pilot; \”Reminders of Him,\” a story about a mother who seeks redemption and healing; and \”November 9,\” a contemporary romance novel which tells the love story of a writer and his muse.

Kristin Hannah

Most of the books written by Kristin Hannah has made her highly popular among female readers as her stories usually focus on the challenges that strong women face. The writer\’s most popular book by far is \”The Nightingale,\” which tells the story of two sisters who go through hardships during World War II. The novel was a New York Times best-seller and it won the Good Reads Choice award in 2015. Another fantastic read that became a best-seller is \”The Great Alone,\” which is about a family that moves to a remote corner of Alaska. Fans of Hannah\’s work also couldn\’t stop praising \”Firefly Lane,\” a story of friendship and loyalty that spans three decades. Last year, she also topped the adult fiction category with her book titled \”The Four Winds,\” which is about a family\’s struggle to survive during The Great Depression. According to USA Today, it\’s likely that the novel will lead to a movie adaptation.

Danielle Steel

When it comes to best-selling authors, most readers agree that no one is more iconic than the legendary Danielle Steel. The writer is famous for her romance novels, and all of her books, such as \”Safe Harbour\” and \”The Gift,\” have made it to various best-sellers lists. Known to be highly prolific, the 75-year-old author has written 190 novels to date. Steel has been writing books since 1972, and is still going strong as she just released a new book last month. Her latest novel, \”The High Notes,\” a story about a young woman who defies the odds to become a great singer, was among the US\’ best selling books in the hardcover fiction category in October 2022. Steel will release two more books between November 2022 and January 2023– the first is titled \”The Whittiers,\” which is about adult siblings who find their way home after a devastating loss, while the next novel is called \”Without a Trace,\” a story about two people who are given a second chance to have the life that they\’ve always wanted.

Colleen Hoover, Kristin Hannah, and Danielle Steel prove that having a knack for storytelling can make your books sell like hotcakes even in difficult times. Expect more amazing novels from these female authors that are sure to comfort and entertain you.


Photo by Roman Trifonov on Unsplash

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