These Las Vegas Casinos are Embracing Technology, Here’s Why

Las Vegas has long been known as the mecca of gambling and it continues to stun new visitors and attract returning visitors in their millions. There are many reasons why people choose to visit Las Vegas, including the casinos, resorts, restaurants, bars, entertainment, and day trips, including a flight over the Grand Canyon. However, it is fair to say most people decide to stay in Las Vegas because of the casinos.

Las Vegas is home to many of the world’s most popular casinos, including Caesars Palace, Bellagio, MGM Grand, Golden Nugget, Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa, Circus Circus, The Venetian, The Palazzo, and Mandalay Bay. However, as more people are turning to their mobile devices, land-based casinos are having to update their offering and embrace technology in order to keep people coming back for more. You have a massive selection of slots and table games available at the leading online casinos and if you are keen to play, MobileUSCasinos has listed these 5 best MGM online slots to play.

Cashless technology is a good example of the modern tech available, and this has been adopted in some of the casinos in Las Vegas, such as Resorts World Las Vegas. It is one of the latest additions to the casino landscape in Las Vegas, and as such, it comes as little surprise to find out they are leading the way in terms of technology. Those playing cards games in the casino can bet using chips with sensors installed and these track every bet and allow for cashless transactions. One of the many reasons why people like to gamble online is convenience, depositing funds is almost instant and there is no need to convert money into chips. Players with an account at Resorts World Las Vegas can scan their phones with the dealer to pay for chips and the slots can be activated using QR codes from the app. In fact, everything in the resort is linked to the app and there is no need for a physical members card.

MGM Resorts has hosted eSports tournaments while Caesars Palace offers a virtual concierge service called Ivy and this has been in place since 2016 in Las Vegas. So, many Las Vegas casinos are already embracing technology.

People are turning to their mobile phones for many things in life, such as socialising, shopping, watching shows and films, playing games, taking photos, and gambling. Therefore, it makes sense for Las Vegas casinos to try and embrace the technology rather than turning a blind eye in the hope it will not interfere with business. As time goes by, the people visiting Las Vegas of all age groups will have been brought up using a mobile phone and the casinos cannot afford to be left behind if they want to stay relevant in an increasingly digital world.

Unfortunately, we have to acknowledge the impact of the pandemic, and this has perhaps forced the hand of some Las Vegas casinos in terms of technology. The use of self-service kiosks and QR codes has increased dramatically since 2020 and more casinos are introducing cashless digital wallets and electronic table games. People do not want to have to come face to face with others if it can be avoided and digital wallets and electronic table games means those who want to visit Las Vegas casinos but avoid interaction with other people can still have an enjoyable time.

Human behaviour is changing, and the pandemic may have pushed things along more quickly than we would have liked. However, people are becoming more reliant on their smartphone for a variety of tasks and casinos need to embrace that fact. There will always be people who want to enjoy the traditional Las Vegas casino experience and that will never be lost but technology has a huge role to play in the future of Las Vegas casinos.

Photo by Grant Cai on Unsplash

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