They Write by Night: Darker My Desire

History repeats itself. I don’t know who first said that.

Everything old is new again. I forget who said that.

Everything that rolls around comes around. Somebody said that… Maybe it’ll come to me.

The past never goes outta style. I know who said that.

I did. Just now.

Anybody out there notice that this They Write by Night thing has a way of mixing the past and present? Take this episode — craven Roy Cohn makes a brief appearance. Not that he has a role in Director Abraham Polonsky’s “Force of Evil,” but he was around and up to dire mischief at the time the movie was shooting — as rotten-to-core Joe McCarthy’s counsel, collaborator and sometimes instigator. What does this have to do with the director, star and one of the poets I’m presenting in this episode, Darker My Desire?

You’ll see.

Roy Cohn’s dead but his spirit goes marching on. And it’s definitely got its feet on the ground — his protege’s still out there and moving among us.

You’ll see.

Meanwhile, I’m outta here. On my way to Kansas City. Or… I was.

You’ll see.

— Suzanne Lummis

Top image credit to www.Poetry.LA

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