They Write by Night, Episode 13

Almost Blue, Almost Through

They Write by Night, Episode 13, the closing piece of the season—it’s unusual, even more unusual than the other twelve. I came up with something new. You’ll see. Some damn good music in this one, but it doesn’t start till a ways in. Before that, some mysteries—re: Joe—revealed (partially)! Then I get interrupted by a drink. But that’s O.K. I Needed that drink. Then I resume with my innovative noir-themed re-purposing of social media posts. Then—spoiler alert!—I get a light.

I like this one. Yeah, there’re moments where I coulda gone farther, coulda gone for broke. Coulda been a contender. And cried into my drink. But—Whaddaya want for a nickel? It’s guerrilla YouTube.

Thanks to Wayne Lindberg for the editing work and design. He even had to edit a moment when my gin spilled. Just a little—I didn’t lose much. He didn’t get paid overtime for that. Cheap glassware they make nowadays—not like the old days.

– Suzanne Lummis

Top image credit to www.Poetry.LA

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