They Write by Night, Invisibility Noir

Invisibility – Pre-code Halloween Noir

The not-to-be-missed Halloween episode which mixes dark goings-on in the fantasy world of early “scary” cinema and in the troubling real world, and in which Lummis admits she lied. She lied when she said, several episodes earlier, that this series would be “all noir all the time.” Oh, it is that but So much more. This one, for example, includes the opening of Ralph Ellison’s immortal Invisible Man and a fragment of feminist thought.

Now that I’ve owned up, I challenge the failing, fumbling kingpin of liars to admit to his own falsehoods and mendacities, his low, dishonorable defamations, his deceit, his manifold crimes. It will take a long time. If he starts now, he can finish before doomsday.

Also, Pandemic They Write by Night Invisibility Noir features a poem by Lawrence Raab, which re-visits and re-imagines the Invisible Man.

Don’t Forget to Vote.

– Suzanne Lummis

Top image credit to www.Poetry.LA

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