They Write by Night: The Unexpected Noir of Eric Priestley

Nothing-Normal-About-This Noir aka Unexpected Noir.

– Not your usual They Write by Night. – Not your usual noir. – Not your usual guy, who lived to the end of his life—at times, a pretty tough life—but lives no longer. Even for me it’s unusual and I’m used to everything. But I never thought I’d wrap a whole TWBN episode around one guy, especially one I didn’t know well or for long.

It just so happens I got something like a calling. – Couldn’t have been a religious calling, musta been some other kind. I got seized by the idea I had to capture at least a portion of this performing poet and memoir/novelist’s life and work, this interesting man, Eric Priestley, who across time and space, cultures and circumstances, had something in common with me. I had to or else. . . I don’t know what. Maybe L.A. would fall into the sea. Or I would. Well, I probably will anyway. But Something.

Just call me the small-time, poor man’s B-grade Jeanne d’Arc. Noir Jeanne.

– Suzanne Lummis

Top image credit to www.Poetry.LA

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