They Write by Night

A Man, a Woman, a Gun . . . and a Bridge

You are a fan of film noir, those cheaply made but strikingly photographed black and white crime movies of the 40s and 50s, movies like Double Indemnity, or Out of the Past, or Gun Crazy that featured characters that seemed born criminals but also regular folks who, in a set of particular circumstances, reveal their darker nature. (Can we trust anybody?) OR you’re a reader, and now and then chance upon a poem you like, especially the sharp, savvy, clear-spoken, witty ones, or, alternatively, the image-rich, sensuous ones steeped in luxurious darkness. OR you like hybrids, binary arts, a good combo — This plus a little of That.

They Write by Night — it’s about the movies. It’s about poetry. And one more thing: a guy named Joe. Then there’s me, all beat to hell from years of hard living. The only thing perfect about me is my nails.

Top image credit to www.Poetry.LA

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