Things to know before you buy CBD products online

If you’re reading this, we’re certain that you, like many others, have been intrigued by the many health benefits associated with CBD products. Everything from the skin to stress therapy, CBD has been documented to help with a wide range of human health-related issues.

You can buy CBD products online or at a physical retail store available in dreams, fluids, or topicals.  However, before you go ahead and put out that order, especially online, we highly recommend that you take a few steps back and consider your options carefully. For all you know, you may end up buying something that might not be legalized and could land you in serious hot water, that is, jail.

That’s why we put together this article so that you know where to buy the proper CBD products online from and whether the product and ingredients are legal or not.

Things to Know Before You Buy CBD Products Online

1. Is the CBD product tested by a third-party?

One of the things that you should know before you buy CBD products online is to ensure that a legit third-party lab properly tests them. Most brands can claim their product to be 100% legit, but if they don’t back that up with a laboratory result, then you shouldn’t put your money or your health on the line.

Lab results inform customers about the quality and quantity of CBD in test samples and exclude the presence of contaminants and metals. So how can you tell which lab test result is legit and which one is a phony?

The only labs you need to trust are the guidelines and the standards imposed by a proper governing body such as the ILAC or International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Always inspect when the lab test was carried out. We should only buy from that brand previously tested back in three years for our own health’s sake.

2. Does the product consist of 0.3% THC or less than that?

THC may be legal in some states, but not all of them. The recommended or tolerated THC level must be no more than the range between 0.3% to 0.5% when it comes to CBD products. This is the amount that is generally regarded as safe and is not potent enough to inflict the psychoactive effects the THC is known for.

Suppose you happen to live in a state where THC is legal and wish to buy a product that consists of this debatable marijuana compound. In that case, we highly suggest confirming that the product contains less than the legalized amount of THC that’s permitted in your state.

3. Find out where the hemp is sourced from

Don’t assume that just because hemp is a plant, it’s good for your health. Keep in mind that not every plant absorbs what’s in the water, soil, and the air. And given the circumstances, this could either be good or bad for the hemp plant itself.

We’re trying to say that synthetics, pesticides, or other sorts of harmful chemicals may end up in the CBD oil product you have. That’s why before buying, determine where these products are grown just so you’re sure that every agricultural guideline for that area has been followed.

4. Determine how the hemp plant is grown

The hemp plant is quite sturdy, capable of growing on its own in a variety of climates and types of soils, with farmers barely playing any crucial part in their growth. It’s also naturally resistant to pests and bugs, which is why hemp plants can be grown without the assistance of fertilizers, additives, and pesticides that’s usually required for other plant types.

5. Check what the ingredients are

Another mistake that you should avoid before you buy CBD products online or at physical stores is refusing to inquire about the ingredients used in your target product. You must determine what ingredients are being used in that CBD product. Check if the ingredients are listed because they’re not, then this is definitely a red flag.

Look up some of the ingredient names that you’re unable to pronounce online and see if there are any negative side effects to those ingredients.

One of the positive things that you should look for in a good product is whether it uses all-natural or organic ingredients or if the product consists of premium ingredients included to enhance its benefits. These ingredients could be vitamin B12 for pain relief or Melatonin for CBD sleep capsules.

6. What are you going to use the CBD product for?

 Most people use CBD products for a variety of reasons, such as anxiety, endless pain, arthritis, and seizures. Naturally, you shouldn’t try to guess what the CBD products will be for at the top of your head.

If there’s a chance that you have a certain ailment that can only be treated using CBD products, it’s highly crucial to visit your doctor to help you explain whether CBD can support that particular ailment.

7. Inquire about a manufacturer’s online presence

A well renowned and reputed company will do all they can to ensure their web visitors/customers enjoy a seamless online experience. Before purchasing a particular product from a company, you need to inquire about that particular company from its website and ensure it has the kind of information you are looking for whenever you need it.

Not only that, but you also need to see whether they’re trying too hard to motivate you to buy their product without first letting you know how to use it. Are you getting plenty of emails right from the moment you sign up?

A good company knows when to give their online visitors/customers some space before deciding.

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