Tifani Kendrick: “Intimacy”


Golden sunlight
breaks through auburn leaves
dangling from branches above me
setting intentions to let go

This is how shadows form
they rest in the grass
where I sit

I sway to robins’ song
of sacred surrender
to this season
They seem to be calling
the butterflies home
to dance in the dawn of this shift

It’s obvious by the chill
moving across the pond’s shallow glistening
that change is approaching
Soon the fountain’s laughter
will silence
Winter is inevitable

I settle in-between the lines
of nature’s truths
beside my newfound friend
tall trunk with wide base
of chipping bark
adorned with ants
marching along its scars
from years of expansion
and squirrels minding their business
against its flesh
His roots form a solid nest beneath me
With a soft sigh of relief
and meditative focus
I bring my left ankle to rest
just below my right knee,
remove my left shoe and sock,
place them in the grass on my right side
I do the same with my right shoe and sock
and place them next to the other
I tuck my socks in the mouths of my shoes
It is time for quiet
and stillness
It is time to be present
in the moment

I cross my legs
uncross my arms
loosen palms
to face upward
Close my eyes and lips
I breathe in
and find my way

As skinny strands of grass
lean against the soles of my feet
the breeze wraps itself around my waist
chilling my spine
Small bumps rise on each arm
like braille for gentle sightless reading
this is a sweet story of awakening

The nape of my neck
receives a subtle kiss of warmth
Peace arrives
soft and sensual
to rest with me
I feel her
hushed breath flow
through my Being

Whispers of her name
exhale from my lips


I arrive
at the apex
of her invitation
serenading swan shaped clouds

She speaks every truth
as if they are secrets
crafted only for my ears

Without interruption
interpreted by silence
Peace remains
dressed in quiet colors
seen in the space between
these drowning flames

Her skin and eyes
as deep as the Earth
we make love on

I know her most intimately
when I Am alone


(Feature photo by Dave Turner)

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