Tips on choosing the right commercial sinks for your restaurant

Commercial sinks are one of the essential components of every kitchen of any food establishment. Busy restaurants or small cafes need one to properly arrange the working zone. Commercial sinks two main functions include:

  • washing and sanitizing tools and items for cooking processes, such as utensils and hand tools, plates, spoons, forks, knives, pots and pans, and other cookware needed for serving and preparing meals;
  • handwashing, product washing and rinsing, and cleaning to maintain a healthy and hygienic environment and comply with food safety standards, ensuring prep areas free from germs.

However, you have to be aware of the available options and their purposes since, for example, utility sinks that are usually used for cleaning dishes cannot be used for dealing with food. Thus, if you strive to obtain excellent efficiency, comply with sanitary norms and codes, and ensure all objectives and daily kitchen routine go smoothly with no hassles, then learn how to pick the right models for specific tasks.

Shopping for stainless steel sinks

Various configurations of this imperative element for the foodservice business can confuse, so the chance to make the wrong choice is quite high. The shape, dimensions, and number of compartments directly depend on the size of the room and the goal you strive to attain. Also, you must consider such accessories as faucets and drainboards to boost performance and achieve the maximum productivity level. Therefore, you should decide which functions of commercial sinks are the most pivotal for you. The most common type for commercial uses is the three-compartments sink. It allows the staff to separate all the cleaning procedures and meet all standards due to spacious three basins. Each bowl has to have its own role.

However, if you have enough space and want to solve even more issues at once, then invest in a four-compartment design. It was manufactured for handling the toughest cleaning processes in a quick manner. Looking for space-saving solutions, pick one or two compartments construction. At the catalog of AmGoodSupply, you can also find drop-in, mop, and hand stainless steel sinks to competently outfit the prep zone and avoid non-compliance with health requirements. Durable and light-weighted equipment will impress you with its resistant properties, longevity, and superior quality.

Smart care tips

Although stainless steel is strong and sturdy, it is very easy to scratch due to inappropriate and poor maintenance. Moreover, on the steel surface, such signs of intensive use as drops and stains are perfectly visible. But knowing how to clean your commercial sinks will help keep them shiny and eye-pleasing for a long time while eliminating potential problems and defects.

Thus, stainless steel may not withstand the chloride compounds found in many soaps, cleaners, and detergents, as they can cause some cracks and the steel surface will start deteriorating. The good news is that these chlorides particles are water-soluble, so rinsing your sink thoroughly after using these products should prevent any imperfections from occurring.

Also, don’t apply steel brushes in case of heavy dirtiness or with a purpose to get rid of some hardly-removed marks. It will definitely harm the surface, leading to rust and corrosion formation. Use only a soft sponge or cloth soaked in a soapy solution. Don’t forget to regularly and thoroughly dry it with towels to prevent water spots and tarnishing and prolong its service life.

Image by Brett Hondow from Pixabay 

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