Tips for Studying and Doing Your Exams While Pregnant

Most things you do while being pregnant need to be ‘tweaked’ a bit to ensure your health and the health of your yet-to-be-born baby but there are only a few things you shouldn’t do when studying and doing your exams. Some things make studying easier and some things make life all that much more difficult, but in the end, learning new things while pregnant can keep you occupied and not so anxious about the coming event.

Keep Stress Levels to a Minimum

One thing to be aware of when studying is to keep stress levels to a minimum. Stress is neither good for you nor your baby so try to take courses where you can almost work at your own pace. You might want to check into programs such as using your RN degree to move on to a higher paid position, for example. In this case, why not study for your doctorate in nursing practice?

Get up and Walk Around Often

When studying for your DNP online make sure to get up and walk around often. One of the major problems that pregnant women face is getting tired because of all the changes going on in her body and of course the extra effort it takes to do anything whatsoever.
Extra Rest Is Good
Also, speaking of extra effort, you do want to get plenty of rest. As a nurse, you know that your body repairs itself and replenishes cells while at rest so take a nap if you feel the need. Don’t push yourself beyond your endurance. Not only will that keep you tired and at your wits ends a good bit of the day but it will do nothing for your blood pressure which may be elevated during pregnancy – especially in the third trimester.
Remember to Drink Plenty of Water
Along with rest, water is a great way to refresh your body. Water not only hydrates you but will carry free radicals and toxins out of your system. Water is indeed the elixir of life so keep a fresh bottle of spring water handy at all times.
Keep Your Feet Elevated
Finally, make sure when studying for extended periods of time to keep your feet elevated. You know that pregnant women often retain fluids and again, as a nurse studying for a doctor of nursing practice online degree, you can check to see if your ankles are pitting. Retention of fluids and high blood pressure often go hand in hand so if you experience one, check for the other! (But you know that as a nurse – as a pregnant mom you might need a gentle reminder.)
There is nothing quite like the anticipation that comes along with expecting a baby but too much anticipation can lead to higher than healthy levels of stress. Don’t stress about your studies and don’t stress about the coming birth. Take all things in stride and take care of yourself. In the end you will deliver a healthy, beautiful child and shortly thereafter will be certified as DNP. What a wonderful future to look forward to!
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