Tips For Winter Camping With Kids

Even though spring and summer are the peak seasons for camping, families who opt to take a plunge with winter camping with their kids are in for a real treat. Yes, the weather might be chilly, days shorter, nights longer and cold, but the experience is all the same if not even more fantastic. There are no insects, it gets easier to store food, there is less traffic, and the best part is that you will bond more as a family in your warm cozy cabin. If you are up for this type of winter adventure, read the following tips to see what’s installed.

Plan ahead and do a home trial run

If you have never been winter camping with kids before, then you must consider a few things in advance. First, book winter lodges in advance. Plan the location and routes wisely, since wintry weather is unpredictable and you don’t want everything to fall apart just because you haven’t thought everything through. If you plan to sleep in tents, then you might want to do a family trial run in your backyard before you set out to the real thing. Sleeping outdoors during early winter will enable your kids to get used to cold conditions, and they will have a hint of what to expect. And so will you.

Pack accordingly

When it comes to packing essentials, you need to pack the thing you would normally bring on a regular camping expedition. Some vital camping items which you mustn’t forget to pack are for instance are a first aid kit, tent repair kit, knives, and lamps. In winter, it gets dark quicker and having a headlamp will surely enable you to find your way much easier. You are camping with kids, so don’t forget games, cards, and puzzles. If you are unsure what out of your camping gear to bring, you can find more resources here and get adequately ready for a worry-free trip.

Layer up

Maybe the most important thing when going camping with kids is to wear the right clothes. Yes, it is crucial to stay warm, but kids love to play, run around and make snow angels, which means that they will heat up and sweat. To avoid cold or fever, dress them (and yourself) in layers and avoid cotton. Think three layers. The first layer of clothes should be made out of synthetic materials that wick of moisture. This will keep them warm and protected. For the second layer, go for clothes or materials that serve as insulation. And in the end, choose windproof jackets that will shield you from strong winds and moisture.

Stay warm at all times

Kids love to explore, play in the snow and simply roam around freely. In winter expect snow, or at least rainy and cold weather. To stay warm and dry choose waterproof boots that will keep their little feet dry at all times. Consequently, pack a lot of spare, warm wool socks. To avoid the frostbite, have your kids wear a hat and gloves at all times as well. Keeping their heads and finger warm may be the most important tip to implement when going winter camping.

A good tent is all you need

When it comes to sleeping at night during winter, there is no need to worry much unless you don’t have a proper tent. When you decide to go camping when the temperatures fall below zero, you will need to have a four-season tent that will both keep you warm and safe. Bear in mind that your winter tent must be rugged and strong despite being light and easy to carry. Above all, make sure that you clear out the snow beneath the tent before setting it up.

Never neglect healthy snacks

Brig lots and lots of food. Kids love to snacks, and in winter foods act as a fuel. By eating every hour or two, they will feel more energized and uplifted since our bodies need high calories snacks to stay warm. When you go hiking, bring cashews, nuts, or fruit to keep them up and ready.

Stay positive, arm yourself with patience, and simply enjoy. Winter camping with kids is a memorable experience that you should cherish and repeat whenever possible.

Image from Pixabay.

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