Titilope Monsur Kehinde: “Fuck / Inheritance”

Fuck / Inheritance

Inheritance is what’s contagious / the transliteration of me / Inheritance is my parent’s prayers / or their curse the day I was born / my father’s ruggedness / my mother’s patience / Inheritance is the language I mouth / is where I come from / is the thoughts I feed on / Inheritance is all what I do with my hands / the crime and the charity / the path I take after / Inheritance is me groping through naïveté / is me growing out of your hands / Inheritance is my success esteeming thereupon / the magic in my soul / what spring I groom autumn into / night dawn into / Indeed / the truth and the lie / the pro and the con / the beauty and the decay lie in the eyes of the beholder / and when you look into my eyes / you see it all / look even closer and carefully / you see the world /

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