Tomorrow’s Voices Today: Christopher Siders


Adam lodged himself
in their throats
making it difficult to speak
of existence
as Masculinity prevented colors
from projecting through my iris
in this environment
politicians politic on our privates
but profit off their fetishization
because we’re seen as “exotic”
with one click away you can hear
the ashes of caged birds
moan freedom
people fear what
they don’t understand
and question love
as a conspiracy agenda



The moonlight defined
my melanin
dance with the never ending
and breathe slowly
with a man’s arm ever so slightly
touching mine
goosebumps arise with
a pinch of awkwardness
and Scenarios of kisses
while watching King Kong
destroy shit in motion clips
I hidden my attraction
for androgyny
under the mouthpiece
of my friend’s beliefs
walking across the spectrum
God sought as

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