Tools You Can Rely on For a Zoom Meeting

Today we need better options to organize conferences, meetings, or events, as most of us are remotely working. No doubt, zoom meetings have become a trend and a demand of today. So we need a tool that allows better interaction and for successfully holding an event. A webcam is the most preferred option and is considered as a great tool for a zoom meeting.

But there are many cameras available in the market, so which one to choose is tricky.

All webcams are best for video streaming to other platforms, including Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitch, Google Hangouts, etc.

So here are some of the tools –

  • NexiGo FHD 

It is the best in technology webcam available at this price range. It is compatible with all the major operating systems and perfect for applications like Zoom.  The pertinent aspect of the tool is its capability to give the best performance, including full high definition 1080 video recording at 30 fps ensuring high-quality web chat. There are other varieties and models in webcams like Logitech C 270, Logitech BRIO Ultra, Vitade 960 A Pro, and many more.

  • Remote desktop control

If you had to ask everyone in the meeting to press the appropriate button, it is a mere waste of time. This feature enables participants to request or share control of their documents over their screen and even computer. You use it for collaborating with colleagues, organizing presentations, and transferring varied types of documents.

  • Annotations 

The annotation toolbar allows us to insert text, draw lines and shapes, add icons like checkmarks with the stamp tool and turn the cursor into a spotlight or arrow. Sometimes a simple talk or gesture is not enough to put your idea across, here the annotation function plays a role. This feature gives access to the organizer to make people aware of a particular element on the screen, that is being shared but without having to grant access to the screen.

  • Breakout Rooms

One of Zoom’s most pertinent features is Breakout rooms. It means, allowing the host to form smaller groups of up to 50 people, allowing participants space to discuss privately, and pinging the host when they require any help. This tool is best for businesses or to conduct educational sessions that are team-oriented.

  • Push To Talk Feature

While the meeting is going on, participants should mute their audio if it is not their turn to speak. But if someone suddenly calls and the microphone is still in mute state then push the “Push to Talk” feature by holding down the spacebar on your computer. You can find this function on the apps and you can enable it. You can also press Alt+A on your keyboard to mute or unmute your audio.

The best equipment for Zoom is a computer or an Android or IOS Smartphone. In other cases, you might need a computer or mobile device, a microphone, speakers, and a camera. You could also use other equipment like Bluetooth, a built-in microphone, a high-quality webcam for getting the best experience.

Zoom call is undoubtedly a boom in the lockdown period, as we can now do almost everything from home and remain in contact with the world outside. It has changed the way we have been dealing with others in the past and turned to digitized simplistic ways making the meetings live, valuable and real. And now as the technology is improving, you are also on the move.

Photo by LinkedIn Sales Solutions on Unsplash

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