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One of our top 10 most read stories last year was our showcase of the work being done by digital artist Dana Keller. He, along with many other artists, have been taking old black and white images and bringing their subjects to life via various colorization techniques. While these colorized photos have proven to be both popular and controversial, I applaud them for sparking conversation and causing some to explore forgotten historical figures and subjects, where they would not have otherwise.
To further recognize this growing artistic specialty, please enjoy these 10 sets of images that have produced for me a wide array of emotions and brought new life to iconic figures and important moments:
[divider ]Albert Einstein[/divider]

Colorized photo of Albert Einstein
Colorization of Albert Einstein, by Mads Madsen, AKA: Zuzahin.

Albert Einstein in 1948.
Original photo taken in 1948 by Yousuf Karish.

[divider ]Civil War[/divider]
Black teamsters in Civil War
Black “Teamsters” or “Wagoneers” colorized by Mads Madsen, AKA: Zuzahin.

Black teamsters during Civil War.
Original photo taken in 1964. Photographer unknown. Courtesy of Library of Congress.

[divider ]The Great Depression[/divider]
North Carolina country store in 1930.
North Carolina country store, 1939. Colorization by Jordan J Lloyd.

North Carolina country store during the Great Depression
Original photo taken by Dorthea Lange in 1939.

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Migrant Mother photo
Dorothea Lange’s iconic image Migrant Mother. Colorization by Sanna Dullaway.

[divider ]Stalin and Churchill at the Yalta Conference[/divider]
Winston Churchill and Josef Stalin at Yalta
Colorization by Mads Madsen, AKA: Zuzahin.

Winston Churchill and Josef Stalin
Original photo taken in 1945. Photographer unknown.

[divider ]The Holocaust[/divider]
Women and children arrive at Auschwitz-Birkenau
Colorization by Dana Keller.

Women and children arrive at Auschwitz-Birkenau
Women and children arrive at Auschwitz-Birkenau on May 27, 1944. Photographer unknown, but courtesy of the Auschwitz Album.

[divider ]V-Day Kiss in Times Square[/divider]
V-Day kiss in Times Square.
The grand kiss on V-Day. Original photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt. Colorization by Sanna Dullaway.

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[divider ]Louis Armstrong[/divider]
Louis Armstrong
Colorization by Dana Keller

Louis Armstrong
Original photo taken in 1946 at the Aquarium in New York. Photo: William Gottlieb.

[divider ]Johnny Cash[/divider]
Johnny Cash.
Colorization by Mads Madsen, AKA: Zuzahin.

Johnny Cash.
Original photo. Photographer unknown.

[divider ]March on Washington, 1963[/divider]
Civil Rights March on Washington, 1963
Colorization by Dana Keller.

March on Washington 1963
Original photo by Warren Leffler.

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