Top 4 Smart Strategies To Win Big In Baccarat

Playing online casino is quite exciting just like you would be playing baccarat in a real casino, for this reason, the game has become very popular globally. Some casual and veterans’ players enjoy this game in the comfort of their homes as they wait to bankroll. If you are lucky, then you might grab a jackpot which translates into millions of dollars. The popularity of the game is evident from the silver screens at the Hollywood through the James Bond Films and the baccarat tables in Las Vegas, the famous casino and entertainment hotspot. If you need to relieve some stress, enjoy some exciting games and make some good money. Then it is high time you raise your stakes and get set to play. However, you may want to be strategic on how to play and earn at the same time.

Below are the top strategies that would help you earn big:

1. Concentrate on the Game

In any event, there will be newbies who are fond of keeping track of winning and losing patterns. You will develop fear and you might end up not playing instead of enjoying the game, well it is good to know the winning probability from the track patterns, you should be confident on your bets. There are hot or cold streaks winning in baccarat, however, you have equal chances of winning. So, enjoy the game, and don’t get bogged by the outcome of the game.

2. Smart Bet

Once you decide to play baccarat games, you need to be smart and do a little research to see which options will give you bigger wins in the long run. They are two option to pick from, that is either the banker or player. By picking the banker, you stand to gain much since bankers are charged a paltry 5% of the winnings by the house. The banker is thus a safer bet to make you bankroll at the end of the day.

3. Refrain from Tie Bets

At a glance, these bet looks lucrative due to the amount that you can earn from it, however pulling a tie bet could be a pipe dream. Seasoned players will advise you not to place a tie bet.

The payout for a tie bet is very lucrative; however, it only payout 9% of the time, and lucky are you if you manage to hit a tie bet. This is a skill game and you need to make wise moves to make some steady wins.

4. Play Fewer Decks

Usually, the game involves a set of 8 Decks at the real casino, however for online platforms, there could be as low as 4 – 6 decks, thus an advantage to an online player. The fewer the decks you play, the higher the chances of winning. If there is a table with fewer decks, then that’s where you need to play. Experienced players can make fair accuracy with fewer decks thus increasing their chances of winning.


No matter your reason for engaging in the baccarat game, you need to strategize your game to win. By following the above simple strategies and once in a while following your guts on how you placed your bet, could make you million dollars richer instantly. Otherwise enjoy the game and have fun.

Photo by Macau Photo Agency on Unsplash

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