Top 5 Casino Movies that You Should Watch

We love to experience on-screen adrenaline rush while sitting comfortably in front of our big home tv, enjoying our homemade popcorn recipe. Movies that feature intense gambling scenes keep us on the edge while providing a glimpse into a fantasy of being a risk-taker that goes all-in to win some jackpot before riding into a sunset. Many professional gamblers credited movies like Rounders or the Croupier for inspiring them into choosing gambling as their lifestyle.

Casino Royale

Who knew that secret agents need some serious poker skills in their resume? Like our main protagonist says, it is all about reading people at the table, not about cards that one holds. Bond introduces us to his strategy of bluff reading, which can backfire badly if not implemented right. He saves the world by the end, of course, but watching this classic just gives you that itch for playing a few hands of Texas Hold’em.

The Hangover

There is more partying plus fast-paced action sequences than gambling in this bachelor party trilogy, but that spirit of Las Vegas ie ever-present throughout the movie. It just makes one wish to enter the first 5 dollar deposit casino on the corner and spin some slots. It is also a good reminder of what can happen if one does not approach his game in a responsible manner.

Ocean’s Eleven

Never in the history of mankind has anyone pulled a successful casino heist except in this movie classic. So much star power would be wasted if this movie ended any other way. Legendary palaces like MGM or Bellagio surely have more appeal than even the best casino sites UK has to offer but we can dream, can’t we? Do not try cheating any casino under any circumstances, but rather try to enjoy your gameplay surreptitiously.

Rain Man

This little gem portraits someone with a special ability that gives him an edge over a casino. Most mindless attempts at beating the house are futile if one does not understand game dynamics in depth. Young Raymond has an innate ability for card-counting, which is a neat talent to have if one is looking for some career in blackjack. It has become increasingly difficult even for super-smart gamblers to use this strategy to their advantage in recent years, as dealers use more and more decks when dealing blackjack.

The Gambler

Mark Walberg may not be the best casting choice for a college professor but he smoothly portrays a man who loves playing his game more than winning. This is a great movie to watch if one wishes to understand those consequences of compulsive gambling addiction. Every gambler should watch it sometimes so he can appreciate the fact that he knows when to draw that line and stop playing.


There are some great movies out there that incorporate gambling into their story-telling. Some glamorize it, some demonize it, but they feature many great performances that make us interested in exploring this mysterious world made of cards, chips and roulette wheels. Be sure to watch them because even if some are not totally realistic, they are sure a lot of fun.

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