Top 7 Foods You Can Smoke Besides Meat

There are various reasons for smoking food. Many of us smoke foods, especially meat for preservation, flavoring, or cooking. Smoking is whereby food is exposed to smoke for some time, until it is ready. Although a lot of people are used to smoking fish and meat, other items can get smoked such as vegetables, and any other ingredients used to make beverages. This article will extensively expound on other foods you can smoke beside the usual meat. Before that, we will find out the best methods to smoke our foods, smokers, or the grills.

Smokers or Grills?

Most of the homes around the world use grills to prepare their barbecue. Moreover, a good number also use smokers to prepare their meals. grills use either propane or charcoal. This is a fast process due to the high temperatures. Therefore, the cooking time is very little.

Smokers, on the other hand, are quite different since they rely on indirect flames as compared to the direct flames with grills. In smokers, what you need is the smoky air at a slightly lower temperature until your food is well cooked. It is especially recommended if you are preparing a large amount of food since the slow process gives your whole hunks of foods to cook.

Here are some of the foods you can smoke either through smokers or grills.

1. Tomatoes

A good number of people get confused about whether to smoke the whole vegetable or to cut it into slices. Although different opinions are helpful, it is recommendable to smoke a full tomato to hold the juices together. They should be smoked over a smoker for a few hours. For better delicacies, ensure that you cook them along with some smoked onions as well.

2. Potatoes

Given a bag of potatoes, a lot of us will prefer the usual way of having them baked. However, why not change the norm and prepare them differently? Potatoes can also be smoked, but you have to make them before this.

The first thing is rubbing them with olive oil sea salt. Once they are all covered, put them in the smoker for a few hours. Through smoking, they will cook for a very long time hence giving every inch of them to cook evenly. Your smoked potatoes will be on another new level as compared to your normal baked potatoes.

3. Corn

We all love corn, especially the flavored type. You can smoke your corn over the grill and get your well-cooked delicacy after a short while of one and a half hours. First, you need to rub them through a mixture of salt, pepper, margarine, or even paprika. For best results, ensure that you turn your corns after every thirty minutes.

4. Cabbage

What you need is a full cabbage. To enhance its flavor, cut out a small place where the cabbage was attached to the stem. Fill the hole up with butter and other spices and mixtures of your choice. To ensure that the cabbage retains the flavors, wrap it in a foil and smoke it for an hour or two.

5. Nuts

Smoking nuts is a different occasion from other foods since one requires very high smoking temperatures, around 300 degrees. Put your whole or shelled nuts on a plate that is already covered in oil, butter, and a pinch of salt. Smoke your nuts for thirty to one hour while stirring them occasionally.

6. Hard-cooked eggs

If you are wondering how to smoke your eggs, know that you can have them either peeled or whole. You can roll the unpeeled cooked eggs over the grill and let the shells crack as you turn over. Through this, the smoke will penetrate the egg white while still protecting it. Moreover, you can remove the shells and smoke it directly.

7. Almonds

First, you need to soak your almonds in a mixture of hot sauce and tamari. Once you have drained them, smoke them for a few hours.

Although we occasionally use our smoker for meat, it is good to try out new recipes instead. Don’t shy away from trying out the above foods. You might find out that the best way to enjoy your next meal could be through smoking!

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