Top 7 “Must Haves” in Your Custom Home

Work with a Custom Homebuilder to Create and Install the Latest Trends in Home Design

It’s important to make your custom designed home your dream home. A major part of the design process is making sure to include all of the features you want. Of course, covering the basics is the most important aspect to cover, but including design aspects that will make your home authentic and exciting are important too. Here is a list of the top “must haves” trending in custom home design today:

Under Cabinet Outlets

A trend that is growing in popularity as we become more dependent on mobile phones and tablets, under cabinet outlets are an innovative and unique touch to add to your kitchen or bathroom. Besides the convenience of having the ability to charge your device in another place in your custom home, the use of under cabinet outlets allows you to keep your backsplash looking outstanding without the visual of a power outlet. These outlets are hidden from view but are still easy to access.

In both the kitchen and the bathroom, multiple outlets are convenient. In the kitchen especially, these outlets allow for use of more appliances at once while making sure that the countertop doesn’t look cluttered with appliances almost on top of each other.

Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are great for comfort and for saving money. Your home doesn’t need to be the same temperature all the time, in fact, because you are leaving your heat or air on when you’re not home, you are running your energy bill up when you don’t need to.

A smart thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature of your home when you aren’t home from your phone or tablet. A smart thermostat also has the ability to work on a timer so can be programmed to heat up and cool down at different times of the day without you having to do anything.

The Right Insulation

When designing your custom home, it’s imperative to consider the basic structure. Proper insulation determines the energy and cost efficiency of it, in addition to determining how comfortable your home is.

The wrong insulation will make you run your heating or cooling system more often; thus using more energy and costing you more money. An expert from Goldleaf Designs, custom home builders in Cherry Hill, New Jersey said, “Making sure you have the right insulation is one of the key factors to consider when designing a custom home. Though it may be more costly upfront to get top of the line insulation, it will be worth it in the long run when your home is more energy efficient.”

Green Features

Installing eco-friendly appliances is an easy way to make your home authentic while also ultimately saving you money. An eco-friendly appliance is an appliance or feature in your home that uses little energy and water. Here are some green feature ideas to add to your home:

  • Solar Panels
  • Cool Roofs
  • Bamboo or cork floors
  • Water saving washing machines
  • Water saving dishwashers
  • Energy saving refrigerators

High Quality Windows

Windows are an essential part of your custom home design. It’s important to consider the placement of windows along with windows that are high in quality. Windows need special treatment and care, especially in places that get harsh weather. A custom home builder in South Jersey commented, “Picking quality windows is imperative when designing a custom home. This is often an area that is overlooked, but choosing the wrong windows could end up costing you thousands of dollars down the road because of damage and cracks.”

Picking the highest quality windows is also an important “must-have” when designing your custom home because it will ensure you are getting optimal sunlight in your house.

Heated and Cooling Floors

Heated and cooling floors are already a popular trend in custom home design this year. These types of floors can be installed in virtually any room but are usually installed in the bathroom, bedroom or kitchen; areas where shoes typically aren’t worn.

Underfloor heating and cooling achieve indoor climate control by using conduction, radiation, and convection. The temperature of these floors is controlled by a thermostat and have the ability to make your custom home even more comfortable.

Wood Floors

Wood flooring is always a popular trend in floor covering. However, what makes it a “must-have” in your custom home design is its versatility along with the various options in wood design.

Wood floors have a long life span and have evolved significantly in recent years. Wood floors now are engineered to be almost completely scratch resistant and some designs even have a waterproof seal or backing on them. Additionally, hardwood floors never go out of style and there are hundreds of different colors and graining effects to choose from.

Hardwood floors can also be given a different aesthetic by adding an area rug or oriental rug to them.

Choosing What’s Best For Your Home

Overall, it’s important to choose designs, appliances, and features that make sense in your home and make you happy. Custom home designers are skilled in creating homes that are exactly what the client has dreamed of. Talk to a custom home designer and create the home you want. With proper research and planning, your custom home design will turn into a reality.

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