Top Applications to Help You With Better Time Management

Irrespective of who you are and what you do, we all wish we had more hours in the day. Time is an incredibly precious resource, and the two most critical things about time are that you cannot not use it, and you cannot have more of it, regardless of how rich you are. Surprisingly, even you do not do anything; you still spend time. From fulfilling orders to scheduling meetings, time is the primary aspect of running a company. So, a properly managed time is the perfect recipe for failure.

Ineffective time management can occur in several different forms. In some people, it is the personal distractions, or the jobs, which take longer than they were supposed to, or simply procrastination. There are way too many things that result in time wastage daily. Wasting time results in an improper work-life balance, rushed deadlines and a lot of anxiety and stress. Sooner or later, it will come down to it. So, it would help if you employed the time that you have most effectively. Fortunately for you, there are way too many opportunities to help you manage your time. Through this article, we will share with you some mobile applications that can help you manage your time better. Let us get started and take a look at them one by one.

Rescue Time

At times we are not sure whether we are using our time sensibly or not. If that is the case with you, the rescue time application is the perfect pick for you. It is an incredible application that will send you weekly reports to update you about the things that are mostly stealing your time. In addition to the automatic time-tracking ability, the application also has a feature of distraction blocking. After a day’s usage, the app will give you your efficiency report, which provides you with clarity on how well you use your time.

Mahira, who engaged with TrueBlueFishermensays that I love using the Rescue Time application as it does not let me feel overwhelmed when I have way too many tasks to manage. The application also has team software, which can be useful for proper time management amongst the team and the team members.

Using this application, you may be surprised to discover how much time you use effectively and how much time you end up wasting. The Rescue Time application is available on Desktop, Android, and iOS.


Todoist is one of the most popular task management application. You can use the application to assign the due date for all your to-do tasks. Further, there is also a feature that lets you tag the tasks to different project labels. The good thing is you can sync the app to all your devices and then add tasks to it from any of your devices. This application’s bonus feature is that you can gain Karma points, which can be accumulated every time you complete tasks consistently.

There are three versions of this application. One is the free version, which has some basic features. If you wish to use the premium features of the Todoist application, you will have to bear a fee of 4 USD per month billed annually. There is also a premium version of Todoist for Business, billed at 5 USD per user per month billed annually. The application is available for download on both Play Store and App Store. You can also find the web apps and the desktop version of the Todoist app.


Johnny, an online chemistry tutorsays that he uses the Clockify application every day as it helps him track his work hours. Well, yes, it is your ultimate tool to better your time management. With this time management and time tracker application, you can keep a tab on time you spend doing different activities. The tool will provide you with all the necessary data that can help you better your work routine.

With the Clockify software, you can track your work hours before calculating your payroll and the billable hours. It will also help you gauge whether you are spending your time at work doing productive activities or not.

After you create your Clockify account, you can select how you would want to track your time on the Time Tracker page. The app has two modes, the timer mode, and the manual mode. So, in the former, you can start the timer whenever you start working on an activity, and once you are done, you can stop the timer. On the other hand, in the manual model, you have to enter the time you spend working manually. There is also another option where you can enter the time in the Timesheet manually.

Once you log the time, you can generate reports, which will have a weekly or detailed summary of your time. It is a great way to see how productive you have been with your work in the stipulated time span, let us say, a month, a week, or even a year. It is an incredibly vital app for people who have to bill by the hours. The app is available for Linux, Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Firebox, Web, and Chrome.


Anushka, who offers online poetry classessays that she has a habit of reading the work emails three to four times before hitting the send button to ensure that there are no typos or errors. To help you overcome this worry, you can use the Grammarly app. The Grammarly app is your perfect pair of second eyes that you need while writing emails or assignments. It will point out everything that may be wrong with your text, from typos to grammar errors, passive voice, words overused and misused; this app does it all. There is a free and a premium version for Grammarly available, and obviously, the premium version is more effective if you want correction suggestions. This app can help you save a lot of time reading the text repeatedly to eliminate basic errors.


Another incredibly effective task management application that you need to add to your list is the ProofHub. It helps you organize and manage the tasks and the chaos, which follows as a result of the multiple tasks being assigned by multiple people. With this app, you can manage the tasks and move them across various stages from the start to the end. So, regardless of whether you are a member or a team manager, the tool is your one-stop platform to manage all your projects, communications, and team tasks. Overall, with this app, you get complete control over all your tasks.

Why should you use the ProofHub application? Well, it is a transparent way to assign tasks. With the app, you can create the tasks daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. It can also be effective if you are trying to create some recurring tasks. Alongside the tasks, you can create time labels, estimates, and the start and the end day for your tasks. The tool helps you break down the task into many sub-tasks. There is also an option of attaching files to your tasks. An incredible feature of this app is that you can keep your tasks private or limit their access to only certain people. You can also remotely manage the tasks by using the email-in option in the app. Lastly, the app has a timer, using which you can track your time.

The great thing about ProofHub is its affordability. If you need only the essential features, you can get the basic version of the app, which is available at 50 USD per month or 45 USD per month if you opt for the annual plan. There is also an ultimate control plan available, which is available at 99 USD per month or 89 USD per month if you go for the annual plan.

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