Top Best Man Cave Decorations for Motorcycle Enthusiasts

A man cave is that sacred, special place of the house where family problems and daily struggles are left behind. More like a playroom for men who still need to act like little boys once in a while, these places are the only ones where your husband or partner has a saying in terms of decor.

You may have the cabinets, the bathrooms, the master bedroom, the walk-in closets, and the garden decorated according to your tastes but it is well known that man caves are off-limits. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot add unique pieces of furniture and decorations to elevate the place and make it more “manly”, just like your significant other would want.

The good news is that most man caves are basically basements, which means there is enough space to play with, and there are endless decoration possibilities. You can turn the place into a full bar, an arcade room or even a tribute to one of your man’s biggest passions, his motorcycle.

The furniture

Keep the furniture as simple as possible but from heavy-duty materials that will last you a long time. A man cave shouldn’t turn into a warehouse for old pieces of furniture, so no tapestry, cushions, and decorative pillows.

A cognac, black or dark brown leather couch is perfect – it is sturdy and big enough for your partner and some of his friends. If you want to keep the place as casual as possible, avoid adding anything else except bar stools and a couple of more comfortable chairs.

Most men can hardly wait to unwind after a long day at work with a cold beer and their favorite football game on TV, so a huge screen is mandatory.

Don’t forget about a bar table where he can mix drinks or have a snack with his friends on game night. In other words, make sure the bar is always filled with his favorite beers and bourbons, as well as ice and lemon for shots. The coolest part is that even empty bottles of alcohol can turn into cool decorations, so don’t be too keen on throwing them away once they are finished.

Decoration pieces

If your man loves his motorcycle or his “bad boy” years, you need to make sure his place reflects his personality and interests the most.

Bring his old bike for display as nothing looks cooler than a Harley as the centerpiece of his man cave. You can use old bike parts to decorate the walls or even hang his old leather jacket. If he used to be in an MC, his patch years need to be celebrated, so make sure to add old photos and any other elements that will remind him of the past.

Other cool decorative ideas involve real high-quality Predator helmets or your man’s favorite protection helmet, even if it’s old and broken.

Framed pictures, patent print or wallpapers that can hint to his passion are more than welcome to cover some of the walls in his man cave.

Materials and colors

If you are lucky enough to be allowed to decorate your man’s cave, you need to make it look as masculine as possible yet still casual. That being said, opt for dark tones of brown, cognac, rust, grey, and black. Color accents like yellow or red are welcomed as long as you choose only one wall or parts of it to make a cool drawing.

As for materials, they should be as raw and natural as possible. Old bricks, distressed wood, glass, leather, and copper are the best options. Apart from aging naturally, they are also resilient and heavy-duty, meaning you won’t need to hire a contractor for renovations every other year.

Carpets, rugs, and mugs are optional but retro signs and a pool table are a must.

Photo: unsplash-logoBen Dutton

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