Top Factors You Should Consider When Renting a Boat in Barcelona

Taking an escapade in the sea could be one of the awesome and cool things to do during a holiday season. It becomes even better when taken in the summer season. However, to make your dream of having an awesome trip a reality, you need to consider some factors when renting that boat.

Typically, no one wants to have some disaster in the middle of the sea that may eventually lead to more adverse effects on you. It’s always good to consider the set rules concerning any sail that you want to undertake in Barcelona. There are many companies in Barcelona that are into the business of renting out boats to you like Gotland Charter.

Before settling for the boat company that you’re going to use, remember to check out some things. Here are some of the factors you should always remember:

1. The condition of the boat

Avoid renting very old boats else you may end up having issues when in water. There are many modern companies that have modernized their boats and are in perfect sailing condition. They have all the kits you need to have a successful sailing. A company like Gotland Charter is licensed to operate across Barcelona and can be a perfect sailing partner for you.

2. The water conditions

You may not be so much knowledge about the waters in Barcelona but you have guys on the ground that have enough experience on the waters. Remember that not all boats can sail in all waters. Different boats for different water bodies. The companies involved in the boat rental in Barcelona can help you out in giving you the right boat for the waters that you are going to sail in.

3. The size of the boat

This will basically depend on the number of people on board and how deep you are going into the sea. If you are going to be involved in the deep sea, you need a strong boat and thick enough to avoid being tossed about by violent winds in the sea. If you are going into the rough waters, then renting a long boat could help you out in navigating through the waves.

4. The distance and the time you are going to be onboard

If you are taking escapades for longer periods of time, then it is advisable you go for a company whose boat rental in Barcelona services have the required spaces and comfort needed. You will need to have a boat that will cater to you and the people that are on board in terms of space and amenities. This should include accommodation, kitchen spaces, washrooms, and such crucial things.

5. The skill of the captain and the crew

This is usually a common factor look at especially if you are hiring big boats that carry more people. The captain and his/her crew should have the capacity to maneuver through the storms and waves that threat your boat. They should have the required skills.


Renting a boat in Barcelona is not something hard as long as you know what you want on your trip. The above factors can help you greatly in avoiding havoc in the middle of the water bodies. Remember to check the weather before you start the journey.

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