Top Kitchen Trends For 2019 : The Ultimate Guide

Are you ready to get inspired by the kitchen trends of 2019? With the homeowners focusing on the ideas of refurbishing every year, the kitchen occupies a part of their plan. Not that the brouhaha over kitchen renovation must always align with the trend. However, peeping into the trends that follow in 2019 may make the renovations worthwhile. It may simply mean that the refurbishing the kitchen can be holistic and the new cooking space you create will dominate among the rest. Basically, the trends are not created naturally. But many of the trends are those that are more attention-grabbing and continue to impress the customers over a period.

Exploring the following trends might offer some help.

1. Use of natural stone

Do you prefer to play with colors? Well, it is time to embrace the option of natural stone for the competitors as more and more people are falling in love with this idea. Quite naturally, the designers are implementing the option of natural stone according to the demands and instances of such use can be noted up to the ceiling as well with fabrication of the drawers and the vent covers.

2. Metal upper cabinets

One of the significant trends that can be noted in kitchen renovation is the use of metal cabinets at the upper portion instead of wood or glass. Thanks to the undaunted statement that this replacement makes and how it has emerged popular during the recent years.

3. Black is beautiful

As the metal cabinets come out bold, the use of matte black color is the way to be in 2019. Gone are the days of white kitchens and many of the appliances in black color is expected to dominate the kitchen. It may have been a fun choice previously, but having a contrast of white cabinets with black appliances in the kitchen can be thought of as the smartest combination.

4. Space to relax

The kitchen cabinet renovation is one of the primary tasks to begin with, but it the not the only option you need to undertake. Ideally, the kitchen needs to be a place where people can cook together and relax much like the Scandinavians do.

5. Contrast in the cabinet

There is no reason to think that the entire cabinets in the kitchen need to be of identical shades. You can go ahead and mix different colors, but make sure they complement each other in their fullest capacities. Adding color elements here and there will enhance the looks and there is no way one can deny that.

6. Natural connection with wood

With the increased temperament of people to use natural elements for renovation of kitchen, it is all about using wood. You will certainly appreciate the woody kitchen and feel like the décor of the Victorian Age kitchens similar to what you have read in the stories.

7. Change in the open concept of redesigning the kitchen

Surely, you have heard that the open kitchens are more functional, but if you are trying to make more free space available, the creation of an island-liked structure is a genuinely good concept. For instance, you can incorporate more seating arrangements in the island to make it more attractive.

8. Sinks that stand out

You may not go out of the way to make your kitchen gorgeous. Creation of the sink made from soapstone is certainly going to pick the appreciation of the onlookers. Not to mention that the inclusion of brass hardware in the sink can be a matchless option, especially when you are trying to contrast it against a wooden kitchen.

9. Creating an enriching look

Do you know that playing with colors can create a more enriching look as far as your kitchen is concerned? The gradation of shades in the kitchen can make it more vivacious at least the dark and enigmatic look you can achieve with the colors.

Way to go

There are endless possibilities to explore when you are pouring over the ideas of kitchen renovation. The renovation of kitchen in 2019 is finally going to be an amalgamation of modern and classic. While you are the best person to decide what will work and what will not, checking a few of these alignments stated above can act as the guideline. Are you feeling more confident to go ahead with the kitchen renovation now?

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