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Many of these movies we’ve been waiting for a few years and some of them more than 10 years. On proxy bay any user can now download all the best movies for free. The year 2022 brought back the continuation of our favorite characters’ stories. Read on and find the best movie to download.

Avatar The Way of Water

After 13 years, fans have been waiting for the return of their favorite characters from the fantasy world of Pandora to the screens in Avatar’s The Way of Water. Many viewers noted the incredibly rich and vivid picture, exciting plot, and full immersion into the atmosphere of the movie. Recall that in 2009 The Avatar World was the first to show 3D on the big screen. The plot of the second picture carries two main and very relevant thoughts about how important it is to be good parents and that any evil will be punished.

Special mention should be made of the amazing acting work of Zoe Saldana. Just as in the first film, the actress perfectly copes with the task of translating all the inner pain and suffering of her character to the big screen. Agree, it is difficult not to admire such a thing, knowing how difficult technically and physically to shoot such pictures. Despite the recent release, the creators have nanosilver the continuation of the picture.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

After a short break, the awesome Benedict Cumberbatch returns to the screens as the powerful and unperturbed wizard. Once again we can plunge into the world of magic and strangeness, which like a magnet attracts the main character. This time Doctor Strange expects a meeting with a gifted young girl who can not cope with their superpowers. Together with his helper, Doctor Strange will have a “hot tour” inside cartoon universes filled with dangerous adventures.

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore

The long-awaited sequel to the spin-off picture about the magical world returns after two years. The plot of the picture will continue the narrative of the previous part about the confrontation of Good and Evil. A little deeper into the personal relationship of the main antagonist will make the audience think “What is the price of greatness”.

The universe created by Joanne Rowling is incredibly multifaceted and mysterious. Characters we know from the Harry Potter films are shown here in unexpected ways. The picture reveals some of the Easter Egg universes and shows what the events of the time were like. Along with the intriguing storyline, we cannot help but notice the amazing graphics and locations that have been created for a seamless merging of the viewer and the picture.

The Batman

Batman has returned to the screens. We all missed it for a long time, the trailer caused mixed sentiments in society. There were a lot of talks and mixed reviews from critics and fans of the old version from DC where the role was played by Ben Affleck. However, the furor that occurred after the premiere of “The Batman” with Robert Pattinson in the title role – did not leave a chance to haters.

The creators of the movie focused all the emphasis on the canonical comic book character. Gotham’s atmosphere, noir, and fog of events completely transfer the spectator to the streets of a criminal, dangerous town, where only the Dark Knight can save you.

Jurassic World Dominion

The sequel to the second installment of 2018 and the sixth installment of the series franchise about the world where dinosaurs live. The long-awaited premiere. The picture was one of the top three “Most Box Office Projects of 2022.” The third part returns us to the universe after the disaster and volcanic eruption four years later. The plot will tell about the world, which is consumed by chaos, corruption, and illicit traffic by dinosaurs. In general, critics note that despite the quality of the actors and bright colorful shooting – the franchise has exhausted itself and does not require a continuation.

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