Top Tips for Designing the Perfect Bathroom

Realtors and homeowners understand that the bathroom is one of the busiest areas in the house. Unfortunately, the bathroom is usually overlooked, but its function cannot be understated. Real estate agents say that the bathroom is one of the dealmakers or breakers in negotiations. In addition, a properly functioning bathroom increases property value, so it’ll be a wise investment for homeowners to design their bathrooms properly.

As a homeowner seeking to get the best deals and results, you will do well to work with honest and experienced contractors. You can also check out walk-in baths Wickes depots to source your bathroom necessities, such as water closets, bathtubs, floor tiles, sinks and other accessories. Their options will help you create a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing design.

Here are some top design tips to consider.

Create a good bathroom layout 

One of the secrets to a perfect bathroom is creating a great layout that will consider the overall area. First, you must know how they can fit your water closet, walk in shower bath, sink, storage, and other accessories in the space efficiently. Then, you must work with your contractors to achieve the best possible layout, considering the various factors.

Don’t forget the ventilation

Ventilation is one of the more overlooked aspects of the bathroom. Consider installing a vent or an exhaust fan that can wick away moisture and water droplets. Such an accessory can also prevent moulds from developing inside the bathroom. Another option is to install a privacy-filmed window to let natural air inside the space.

Install an adequate amount of lighting

Consider lighting fixtures when designing a perfectly functioning bathroom. Ensuring the room is well-illuminated would decrease the chances of accidents while increasing the area’s functionality. In addition, consider using LED strips or lamps to save on electric bills.

Consider textured tiles

Bathroom floor tiles must be slip-resistant, impervious to water, and aesthetically pleasing. Choose textured floor tiles because they can help reduce the possibility of accidents. The most luxurious options are stone and ceramic tiles, but polished tiles are also possible. Smaller tiles with more grout lines will also be a great option for traction purposes.

Elevate the window treatments 

Dressing the bathroom windows will add a certain level of softness. Next, elevate the window treatments using curtains, blinds, valances, or shutters. You must have several treatments to swap periodically to change the ambience.

Install a huge mirror

Installing a big mirror will not only make putting on makeup easier, but it will also help make the space look bigger. Anchor the mirror on the wall, or lean a framed full-length mirror to help you see your outfit and appearance better.

Choose the best cabinetry 

Storage space is a premium thing inside the bathroom. You can buy cabinets from depots or have a craftsman come in and create adequately designed cabinetry to unite with the overall design. Either way, it will make the space more functional.


Designing a perfect bathroom entails considering various factors. Likewise, homeowners must consider different considerations when creating a safe, fully-functional, and pleasing facility.

Photo by Backbone Visuals on Unsplash

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