Triple Pane Vs. Double-Pane Windows Barrie: Which Is the Best?

When buying new windows, homeowners are confused about whether to buy double pane or triple pane windows Barrie. Both windows offer the same advantages, such as improving energy efficiency and allowing natural light into your home, among other advantages.

But then how do these two windows Barrie designs differ from each other? Which one offers the maximum energy efficiency, and which one should you choose for your window replacement project. This is what you should know concerning these two window designs. Take a gander.

1. What Is Triple and Double Pane Window?

Before we dive into understanding the difference between these two designs of windows, let’s first understand what is a pane. Typically, it is a glass sheet that demarcates the interior of your house from the exterior. Double pane comes with two panes while triple pane comes with three panes. Krypton and argon gas are filled in between the window panes to make these windows more energy efficient.

2. Triple-Pane Windows Barrie And Noise Decrease.

Triple pane windows are the best options when it comes to noise reduction. They provide better noise reduction compared to double-pane windows since they come with improved noise reduction elements.

3. Where Does Triple Pane Windows Beat Double-Pane Windows?

The answer to this question is pretty simple. The extra glass pane in a triple pane window creates better insulation. Triple pane windows let a minimal amount of heat to leak, offer additional sound proof feature and minimise condensation. Supported by the additional insulating features, triple-pane windows become extra efficient and improves the comfortability of your home.

Another advantage of a triple pane window is that the additional pane makes it possible to use extra low-E costing, which is ideal for promoting energy efficiency of the windows. This is impossible in double pane Barrie windows since it has only two panes.

4. The Cost of Triple-Pane Window.

The cost of the triple-pane window is one aspect that makes homeowners postpone their decision of buying these window styles. On average, you will need to add 15% more on the price of double-pane windows.

This isn’t such a big variance if you are not replacing many Barrie windows. However, if you are replacing all the windows in your home, you will have to break your bank to add the already costly investment.

The best thing, for every investment you make, you will get something in return, and this takes us to our next subject.

5. What Is ROI on Triple Pane Windows?

Considering the climate in Barrie, which tends to fluctuate with a big margin, it makes sense to switch to triple pane windows. It is hard to know how much you will be able to save if you switch to triple pane windows. However, averagely, it is estimated, installing triple pane windows will make you save 3%-4% on your annual energy bills.

However, the amount you save will also be influenced by other things, such as how fit is your home and how functional is your furnace. To know the exact amount that you would save, note your monthly energy consumption before replacing your windows Barrie and after.

6. Should You Install Triple or Double-Pane Windows?

The chances are that if you have come here, you were wondering which is the right option for you to install in your home. You are probably looking for a window design that would offer you the best saving plan while making your home relaxed. It is advisable to consider the climate type of your area when considering which option to use.

For extremely cold climates, it is recommended to choose triple pane windows since they have additional features. Such zones in Barrie include zones ranging from 1 to 3.

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