Ty Wilson: “Lucky Losin”

(“Tomorrow’s Voices Today“ is a new series curated by poet and educator Mike Sonksen.)

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What would you do 
if you wasn't afraid? 
Carry out everything 
                          you'd ever say? 
Would you love a lil harder? 
Take more pictures, 
                          no discardin' 
Would you care less about 
                          all the stress 
                                        on ya brain? 

             My heart stopped 
             when I woke up 
             I been livin a lie 
             My ppl could die 
                           for nothing
No discussion 
             No trial 
             My hands to the sky 
                          I cry out the question of "why?" 

             We all in competition 
             Relentless to be so blind.. 
                           and yeah I know, 
             talk about me in the lowest form 

Don't make no difference 
Only forgiveness quiets 
             the storm 

I paint the visual; 
Lyrical art for heart and soul 
             I pray for healing; 
Keep God close cuz "ya never know!" 
Passion'll kill ya I'm livin proof 
of the battle sounds 

             I'm takin chances and dodgin bullets 
             to kiss the ground 
             Fed up wit takin whatever 
             it is coming to me 

Tired of being told the way 
I used to be when ya run into me 
I pray they never in front of me 
like I ain't down to ride 

                           I ain't changing 
But I refuse not to grow 
             wit the time 
                           I do my best 
Must confess  
                           I've been aiming to please 
           I'd love to succeed 
To be sure ain't no 
           movin this "cheese" 
                           I hate mazes 
                           I hate chasing 
                           I hate dating 
I hate wasting 
            my patience
And craving for relations
I ain't waitin for hand outs 
                                                     I stand out 

You'll judge me anyway, 
               Here goes your chance now! 
                                                     I'll fight to be original. 

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