Undefeated by Dementia

From May 2001 until her death in December 2015, Allon Schoener and his wife Mary lived with her Alzheimer’s. Rather than surrender, they took a different tack — to sustain pleasurable experiences despite living under the shadow of this malignancy. Their story has been inspiring to caregivers and medical professionals.

For eight years, Allon kept a diary; it serves as the core for his new book. Allon has launched a crowdfunding campaign to publish this illustrated, digital book documenting their experiences and inspire others — spouses, children, relatives and friends in similar circumstances. It will be available through Amazon for $.99. All proceeds from sales of this book and all other income related to this project will be donated to Memory Aging Center, Department of Neurology, USC Neurosciences Keck Medicine.

Allon is a frequent contributor to Cultural Weekly — he is a celebrated art historian and curator, and has published five books in the United States, Great Britain, and Italy. The campaign requires $7,500 for text editing, copy editing, graphic design, and awareness marketing. With funds in hand, the book will be available this year.

Please visit this project’s crowdfunding page and support this project generously!

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