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The Sawfish and Deepsea Diver - The First Underdone Comic
Here’s the first Underdone Comic – posted Jan 1, 2016. It features the endangered sawfish.

Underdone Comics: Narwhal Toothpick
As the polar ice melts, killer whales are making their way further north and eating animals that aren’t normally on their menu, like the narwhal.

When Cultural Weekly approached me to be a contributor to their magazine, I had no idea where to begin. I’ve made more than 200 comics this year—most of which are jokes about animals and conservation that are (somewhat) educational.
Underdone - Dumbo Octopus
The octopus became a very shy critter after this incident.

Two good examples of comics that are somewhat educational and also somewhat funny (hopefully the two “somewhats” make a whole comic worth reading) are ones I made a few months ago about the new-found relationship between narwhals and orcas (due to polar warming) and a cute deep sea cephalopod called the dumbo octopus.
Underdone Comics are written and illustrated for folks of all ages. My goal is to entertain and educate people about the amazing diversity of life on our planet. Hopefully I’ll do my small part to get people interested in the natural world and ultimately realize it’s worth saving.
How about if we start out the first week with an early Underdone Comics collection? Here are Some Thoughts on Anteaters.
Ant Evasive Maneuvers
Ant Evasive Maneuvers

Underdone Comics: The Early Bird Gets the Tongue
The Early Bird Gets the Tongue

Underdone Comics: That's No Worm
There goes that colony.

Underdone Comics: Termighty
Termite problems

Underdone Comics: Queen Termite's Last Stand
Melodrama of the colony.

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