Unopened Nintendo Game Expected To Go For $10K

According to news sources, a man from Nevada found an unopened video game while going through the attic of his family home. The gentlemen told the Reno Gazette Journal the receipt and game were inside of a bag. He said the game was purchased from J.C. Penney for $38.45 about thirty years ago. It is still unclear how much the game will fetch but analysts believe that it could sell for around $10,000.

Lucky Find

Everyone would love to be as lucky as Scott Amos. Unfortunately, most people will never experience luck on the same level. Amos told a reporter he found a copy of a Nintendo game in his family home. He said it was unopened and stored inside of a J.C. Penney shopping bag. The receipt was also in the bag. It is unclear who made the purchase but the game was stored in the attic about 30 years ago, according to the news article.

“Kid Icarus” was a rare Nintendo game that was released in Japan in December 1986. It wasn’t until February 1987 that the game made its way to Europe and North America. Many players found the game to be very intense. To level up, players had to compete against some very tough enemies. Players could control the characters with smoothness and ease.

As players battle their way through the virtual world, they get plenty of opportunities to score new and unique weapons and special powers. They could also play alone or with another player, as the game has a multiplayer mode.

Game Collectors

Since the news broke about the lucky find, vintage game collectors are preparing to place their bids. Amos told news sources that he would put the game on an online auction site. At first, he was only expecting the game to go for a few hundred dollars. But, rumor has it that the bid could reach about $10,000 before ending.

Heritage Auctions told Reno Gazette Journal there were less than 10 copies of Kid Icarus that belonged to vintage game collectors. If this is true, Mr. Amos is guaranteed to rake in thousands for his rare find. At least that is what he is hoping.

What Would You Do?

Stories have hit the headlines in the past where video game collections would bring thousands at online auctions. These collections were generally put together through years of hard work and dedication. Whatever the case may be, most people will never be as lucky as Amos.

The question remains what would you do if you stumbled upon a rare video game. In this case, the game would still have fetched a decent price, even if it was opened. This is especially true if the game was in excellent condition.

Most people would do the same thing as Amos. They would inspect the game thoroughly and put it up for auction. This is the only true way to ensure the highest profit. While Kid Icarus does not offer any no deposit bonus options, many fans believe that it is a hot commodity.

Video Game Value

It is a fact that video games only hold their value for a short time. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. With the help of limited artwork, collectors, special editions and commercial flops, some video games are worth thousands. A top video game can cost between $55 and $80. To offset the price, most players will resell the game once they beat it. They will either trade it in or sell it at auction. They utilize the proceeds to buy more video games. This is how the video gaming purchasing system has worked for a long time now.

Rare Collectables

Some rare video games that you should be on the lookout for include EarthBound, Metal Slug, StarCraft 64, Donkey Kong Country 3, Final Fantasy X, Secret of Evermore, and Wrecking Crew. All of these games could fetch anywhere from $10 to $200 opened and $50 to $500 unopened.


Avid video gamers do not give much thought the value of a game when they purchase it. While they do shy away from video games with high price tags, most will bite the bullet and make the purchase. Reselling and trading in unwanted games is a great way to make up the difference.

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