Vasily Mikhailovich Doestovski: “Home”


That place where you find rest.
Where you lay your head
And dreams flow.

A place where smiles are shared
A place of belonging
Surrounded by people you love

That’s everyone’s home
Not mine

My home is where the hatred is
I never found love
My home was a prison
Where I still got the chance to move about

My home
Was full of mama’s bickering
She, always quick to lay blames
But keep mum when she’s faulty

Papa never showed love
But he was the greatest showman
Our home was a spectacle to behold
He was Tyson, knocking everyone with his mighty punch

I have left home
Never to return
Been on the road, five days straight
In search of a better place

In search of a new place
A place where love is plenty and is shared freely
I have left home
I have left the hatred behind


This is part of Nigerian Voices Today, a 7-week series featuring young Nigerian poets, curated by Babatunde Babafemi. Check out Week 1, 2.

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