Viaje Calíche Has Two Singles in Preparation for Vinyl Release

Viaje Calíche would consider his music to be a modern version of Buenas Epocas which is vintage music from El Salvador. Viaje Calíche gained inspiration from varying music styles ranging from soul, psychedelic, rock, reggae and Latin.

Although Viaje Calíche sounds like a cool name for a band, he’s a solo artist whose name is Jose Gutierrez. Here are the artists that helped him with the making of the album: Rob Zifchak on lead guitar; Adolfo Mercado on drums; Brett Smith on organ; and Linda Nuves as the backup vocalist.

In June he released the single titled “Viejitos” which sounds like a track you’d hear at a dive bar in Echo Park or enjoying an evening at a pier in San Pedro eating fish tacos. In other words, Viaje Calíche gives you the vibe that California is the place to be and if you are a native of California, you will feel even more at home.


“Viejitos” which is a little over 2 minutes worth of music, is sung in Spanish and talks about the love for a particular woman. Here is the translation of the lyrics in English:

Verse 1

I tell you my love, nothing bad for your heart
I picked this rose from the garden and your smile tells me
That you want to dance barefoot in the square encore if the band ends
Under the clouds I look into your eyes when I look at you I notice the joy


So long to go so more to show

Verse 2

Days pass and they become years, buy your soft lips never change
I kiss you and the honey melts, sweetness what a beautiful woman
And that’s how yesterday’s story goes, past times that I will never forget
Now we see other couples passing by, the law of life and I keep singing


Do not let her go so more to show

The second single “Un Momento” shares a similar sentiment about love and finding that true companion to conquer life with. As like “Viejitos,” “Un Momento” is also sung in Spanish. The song however is not released digitally.

Here is the translation:

First Verse

It’s not easy to tell you what I want
That look slowly freezing in the sky
And I went looking for you
I stopped living I do not trust myself


And the birds sing my sad lament
Seasons change, but I walk through the desert
Nothing compares to your sweet kiss
I want to be sure, so give me a moment

Verse 2

And now you know it was an experiment
Everything changes I have greater aspirations
Give me your hand I see what’s plain
What we created together
Will never end…

You can follow Viaje Calíche on Bandcamp here: and on Instagram here: He will be releasing a project on vinyl in March 2019 so be sure to look out and support the project.

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