Vignettes of public human presence in pandemic times

Given the contextual constraints on social contacts the reader will appreciate, I hope, my interest for the presence of real people in the street:

people walking on a sidewalk keeping the mandated safe distances between them
The pandemic walk


Another meaning of detour: too sunny to stay indoors
Too sunny to stay indoors


In the lack of real presence, traces of such are also interesting to find in the street

young lady walking by abandoned furniture on the sidewalk
Nah … not cool enough!


upside down abandoned table next to recycling container
Only two legs?


cracked mirror on the ground who is fairest photographer of them all?
Who is the fairest photographer of them all?


two armchairs standing kiddy corner to each other next to a row of recycling containers
Are they talking chair talk?


Such traces, or lack of them, can also be found in/on buildings

balconies showing no sign of human occupancy such as hanging plants etc.
Really … no comment!


lively presence of beach umbrellas, hanging plants, etc.
Really … no comment!

Bien le bonjour de Montréal!

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