Visit London: There’s more to Wimbledon than the racquet

As the London area of Wimbledon prepares for this year’s tennis championships, thousands of sports fans try to book accommodation and tickets for the world-famous Grand Slam. The action gets underway on the first Monday of July, but there’s still much work to be done by players, organizers, officials, and fans. Are you ready for Wimbledon 2023?

Most fans will follow the play on television and through live streaming apps. The games come thick and fast, starting in the morning and continuing until early evening when the Great British summer sun begins to set. What takes place between will be a battle of the world’s best players to win Wimbledon and etch their name into the history books. Make predictions at the leading Wimbledon betting sites, and if you can get a ticket to watch the action in person, even better.

What’s there to do in Wimbledon besides watching the most famous names in men’s and women’s tennis? If you’re visiting southwest London for the sporting action this summer but fancy sampling the local culture, we’ve got you covered.

Keep reading as we share some ideas on how to spend a few hours in Wimbledon that are separate from watching tennis.

Green and pleasant land

England is stunning at the height of summer, and Wimbledon is no different. The public parks are fantastic and accessible to the public. Whether you already live in London and want to make the most of the big smoke, you’re a visitor, or there on business; you’ll love the parks of Wimbledon.

Visit by road or rail, but we advise walking when and where you can. It’s much quicker due to the heavy traffic. Wimbledon Common, home of the Wombles, measures over 400 hectares and is popular with joggers, cyclists, readers, and busy city workers enjoying a quick break.

Equestrian sports

It may not be the most obvious choice to get around Wimbledon, but we’d encourage visitors to tour Wimbledon on horseback. It takes a bit of bravery, and it’s uncomfortable, but it’s a memorable experience.

Wimbledon has famous stables that are open to the public and all levels of riders. Take a tour around the grounds and marvel at the beautiful thoroughbred horses. These gorgeous animals will give the Wimbledon scenery a run for its money as the main attraction. Horse riders have their traffic lights in Wimbledon.

Ten minutes in Wimbledon will make things clear if you weren’t aware of the Brits’ fondness for horses. If you’d like more evidence, the SW postcode has excellent transport links to some of the UK’s famous racetracks, including Ascot.

Hit the shops

Wimbledon perfectly exemplifies London’s love for fashion and big brands. The Centre Court shopping center attracts millions of visitors yearly, including the rich and famous. Pick up some souvenirs at the shops, spending the famous Great British Pound, and you may bump into a famous face, such as Hugh Grant or David Attenborough.

You’ll snag the big brands at reasonable prices in the Center Court shopping center. But if you’re after something a little more personal and affordable. Wimbledon Village is your spot. Notice the stark contrast in the shops, prices, and even attitudes despite the areas being so close.

Wimbledon Village has shops for every budget, from major retailers to local favorites, including pleasant eateries and sports shops. Why not grab yourself a tennis racquet in the hope of bumping into a star like Andy Murray enjoying the London sun on their rest day?

Sample the local watering holes

The Brits love pubs, and London is home to some of the most famous drinking establishments worldwide. In Wimbledon, you’ll find your fair share of sports bars showing Wimbledon tennis, Premiership rugby, and Premier League soccer.

Find a seat in the corner of a friendly pub or the beer garden and watch the world race pass. Wimbledon is more relaxed than other parts of the UK capital, but it moves quickly, and you’ll see some interesting sights.

Rich but free history

If your visit to London is in danger of running up a bill, why not enjoy a charmingly free visit to the Wimbledon Museum? There’s no entry fee to see some remarkable pieces of archeology and artifacts from the height of the British Empire.

Photo by Shep McAllister on Unsplash

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