Volunteer to Organize #90X90LA Projects!

It is now the start of June, which means we have one month to go before we kick off #90X90LA. Hold on. Let me go hyperventilate, pass out, wake up, puke first.

Ok. Back.

We have actually made huge headway in the past couple of weeks with scheduling, venues, and the team has really started to click.

So now that we are clearer on some of the events and our goals, intentions, we want to reach out to you for help. We are seeking volunteers in various roles in different events.

If you haven’t heard of #90X90LA yet, here are quick blurbs about it from various literary luminaries.

Please look at the form (even if you filled out the previous iteration of it through our email blast) and fill it out:

Volunteer to Organize #90X90LA Projects!

Thank you! We are DOING this!!

(Featured image is of some palm trees and the sky in South Central LA.)

What are you looking for?