Daniella Woolf: Wax Works

Daniella Woolf is one of the world’s premiere artists working in encaustic, a 2000-year-old technique that involves painting with hot beeswax, to which pigments are sometimes added.  In her upcoming book, The Encaustic Studio, Woolf shares her groundbreaking work, which also, in her case, includes collage elements and found objects.
This book, designed for practiced artists as well as those exploring encaustic for the first time, teaches the reader how to compose encaustic art by layering such techniques as collage, stenciling, masking, pigmenting, and image transfers into wax, as well as how to fuse the layers with heat. The versatility of encaustic is enhanced and beautifully illustrated throughout the book.
Also included in the book is a one-hour bonus DVD showcasing Woolf’s expert teaching and the book’s extensive techniques.
Daniella Woolf will be teaching a comprehensive encaustic workshop in Los Angeles June 14-17.  For information and to sign up (space is limited) go here.

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