Ways to Find Out Which City is the Most Disabled-Friendly

Where you live in matters and it truly leaves an important impact on your life. More importantly, every detail matters if you have a disability. It matters to have access to facilities and sidewalks where you see that there is a place that is not complicated for you. If an establishment or a city has passed the CASp certification ADA, you have a guarantee that they have done all they could to to be compliant and for their building to be accessible to everyone.

Is Your City Disability-Friendly?

ADA or the American with Disabilities Act mandated the state and all local governments to ensure they value accessibility to everyone including clients with disabilities. However, not all states or cities have similar laws. Some cities will go out of their way to make people comfortable when they see their business. To some, they may just be eager to go live and operational without being inspected. If you’re planning to move to another city that is more accessible to people with disability, here are some of the places you can consider as they are recorded to be the best disability-friendly cities:

  • Washington DC, Washington

This city is known to have the easiest and friendliest in the US. It’s impressive how they have kept the entire metro system to have wheelchair-accessible features. Every station is equipped with lift and there are also transportation companies that service either scooters or wheelchairs to tourists or locals with mobility issues. 

  • Denver,  Colorado

This is another place where you can be comfortable going out since the whole city has the metro built with paveway to wheelchairs. Just like in Washington, you don’t have to worry about transport that can pick up customers with disability. Their must see tourist spots have great strides so your loved ones can access either the Children’s Museum of Denver..

  • Reno, Nevada

That’s right, not only Reno is known to be the biggest little city in the world famous for her gaming place, this is also an exciting place to live because of the easy access transpo system featuring special discounts for the disabled. They have paratransit service that offers door to door. 

  • Chicago, Illinois

This is the place to be since Chicago is famous for the city’s concern to creating a tight-knit community of disabled. They even have their annual Disability Pride Parade. The city made sure that someone is accountable in verifying accessibility in building, sidewalks, and all establishments. Their shopping centers are all disabled friendly. 

  • San Francisco, California

Residents of San Francisco are committed to using the city’s main mode of transportation, BART, CALTRAIN, and MUNI are all handicapped accessible. If you have been meaning to visit Alcatraz or the Wharf, worry no more since these two are equipped with the right tools – meant to welcome visitors with disabilities. A facility and the rest of business establishments who have submitted their businesses for CASp certification ADA have thought of what will truly help those visiting. They have thought of you and that says something if you’re considering where to live.

Photo by Nguyen Minh on Unsplash

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