We go on. And we get stronger.

Today, art matters more than ever. Creativity matters more than ever. Culture matters more than ever. And that’s why Cultural Weekly matters: today, and for our future.
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Make no mistake about it: The words in Cultural Weekly are fighting words. Our dances are the dances of protest; our poems are the poems of insurrection; our buildings edify dissent. We celebrate filmmakers who challenge society, musicians who sing for freedom, artists who revolt against the forces that validate oppression.
With the consolidation of media – that is to say, the consolidation of thought – creative people need more avenues in which to express themselves, and more places where their work can be part of conversation. Cultural Weekly is an open, handcrafted forum. We don’t let just anybody write on our pages. We don’t and we won’t. We curate and select. We select based on the writer’s capacity to express ideas and to have an aesthetic.
We believe that the more we talk about the creative culture that surrounds us, the greater our capacity to make creative works that sing and dance, speak and move. Creative works that push, bend, impel our future toward the world we want to live in.
We stand up for the vulnerable, the marginalized, the outsiders, the rebels, the dreamers, the poets, the imaginative; we prize and validate the artists; we share and encourage creativity. We are a platform for those who love and question and include. We do not view those who see the world differently as “other,” even if some people see us as “other.”
If you feel the same way, you can’t be passive or silent, and neither can we. We need to step it up, and so do you. Be bigger, bolder, louder, stronger, more open, more productive, more engaged, more organized, more public, more creative.
We have decided to take Cultural Weekly non-profit so we can keep publishing in 2017 and beyond. We need your money to make that happen. Your donation is tax-deductible. While every dollar counts (and please give what you can), will you, yes YOU, consider giving $100 or more?
Thank you. With your support, we step it up together. We go on together. We get stronger.
Top image: BODYTRAFFIC (photo by Joshua Sugiyama) recently featured in our popular column ScreenDance Diaries.

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