Web Design That Makes Your “About Us” Page Pop

The truth is, most small business websites don’t put enough effort into their “about us” page. Some websites don’t even have one at all! This is a missed opportunity for possible conversions because your “about us” page serves as an introduction or an elevator pitch for your business. Your website design may be where your user gets their first impression, and your “about us” page is where you get the chance to tell your site visitors more about your business, including its goals, advocacies, history, and more.

Perhaps due to cost restrictions or a lack of understanding, most companies overlook their “about us” page and ask web design companies to focus their efforts on their homepage, blog, product pages, and other website elements. While these are also important, the “about us” page does more for your business than you think.

How your “about us” page helps

People who actively search for the “about us” page on your website are more valuable than you think. These are the people who may be on their way to being converted and are just covering all the bases to ensure your business is one they’re willing to patronize. This is more common nowadays, thanks to the rise of mindful consumerism. People want to make a more informed choice on the products they purchase and the companies they support. They’re more likely to buy from companies that align with their beliefs and advocacies, such as those practicing ethical and sustainable business or those making vegan and cruelty-free products. You could be one of those companies, but unless you state that on your “about us” page, how will these consumers know?

Not having an “about us” page on your website also undermines your credibility. Users may assume that you’re not transparent or that you have something to hide, which could turn them away from your business entirely.

If you don’t have an “about us” page on your website yet, you may be itching to make one now. But how do you ensure that your “about us” page is good enough to get you those much-needed conversions?

Designing an effective “about us” page

An effective “about us” page as informative, engaging, useful, and logically structured. It should emphasize to your users what makes your company unique and why they should pick you over your competitors without sounding too boastful. You should also convey your intentions in a fun and approachable way without stuffing your page with unnecessary media. As you can see, it’s a delicate balancing act, but here are a few concrete tips from Las Vegas Web Design Company to get you on the right track.

1. Clean and straightforward layout

Your mileage may vary on this one, but for the most part, your “about us” page doesn’t necessarily have to be flashy or dynamic. In fact, taking a barebones approach can highlight sincerity. The “about us” page can sometimes be expected to contain a lot of text, so it’s better to keep things stripped down to avoid unnecessary distractions from your brand message and story. Keep the colors and font consistent with your other webpages.

2. Photos and other media

Use photos, videos, testimonials, or some other proof of your claims. If you say you are a family business, perhaps show a family picture or photos of how your business started. You can also make a documentary-style short video to outline your manufacturing process and emphasize your business’s advocacies and efforts towards achieving your goals. Videos and voices speak more to people than text, so this is an effective way to tug on a few heartstrings and build a connection with your potential customers.

3. Bold typography and illustrations

If you want to veer away from bland walls of text, an effective way to get your user’s attention is through creative illustrations and typography. You can use unique fonts to emphasize certain points and keywords, while the illustrations supplement the text by serving as a visual representation and a quirky element to keep the reader interested. This is a particularly recommended approach for design or illustration companies. Showing your clients what you can do from the get-go could strongly encourage them to avail of your services.

4. Creative graphic design elements

Most users won’t like being confronted with a wall of text when they want information on your company. Most “about us” pages solve this by just including the essentials or keeping it short and sweet, but if you really want to stand out, consider using infographics to condense your information into a more digestible format. If your brand has a long history, you should try incorporating a vertical timeline into your “about us” page so your user can scroll through your brand’s story. Add photos and other visual aids to keep the experience engaging and fun. You can use vectors, graphs, or charts to represent information like brand growth or sales figures.

5. Using colors to highlight information

Your “about us” page could get bland if it’s solely composed of black text and a few pictures on a white background. Colors are a great way to show emphasis and to spruce up a largely monochromatic layout. If your brand color is red, use that for elements like headers, hyperlinks, borders, and others. Use this technique sparingly. The more elements you highlight with color, the less effective it becomes.

Consumers are more likely to patronize businesses that are more transparent about their roots, practices, and beliefs, and by presenting all this information in a way that appeals to your user base, you’re sure to get great results. If you’re not sure which approach is best, you can consult a Las Vegas Web Design Company. An experienced and reputable company would know immediately what is most suitable for your specific industry. On the other hand, you can also figure this out for yourself by testing different formats for your “about us” page. You can either directly ask for user feedback or interpret analytics data to decide the best course of action.

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