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As film increasingly becomes the accessible, go to medium for capturing and publicizing the art and international language of dance, Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival continues to receive submissions from around the world in all categories and we are excited by what we are seeing! So many dancers and choreographers are stepping up to the camera to try their hand at directing, investigating and experimenting as they do, how to intersect the relative permanence of that medium with the comparative ephemerality of dance. Over and over on YouTube, Nowness, and on social media platforms like Instagram, we are seeing them break the mold and discover new and unusual ways to experiment with and experience dance that are only possible within the medium of film.

Film has single handedly expanded the range of dance as an art form. In fact, it seems like every time I turn around these days there is a new festival focusing on the international genre of screen dance. But Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival is the only festival that we know of that specifically focuses on democratizing dance by doing it in public! We are accepting polished and raw films as well as student submissions, with cash awards in several categories including Best Use of Location and Best Intersection with the Camera.

Get your submissions in today to Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival and get your films seen by renowned judges who have all had experiences either as a choreographer, a director, or both, with the international genre of screen dance.

Case in point is one of our own judges this year, the legendary choreographer Vincent Paterson, the man behind many of the moves of such musical icons as Michael Jackson and Madonna. This week, he is part of a double bill directed by filmmaker Kersti Grunditz Brennan and presented by Dance Camera West in conjunction with the USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance. You can see Vincent profiled in the award winning film, The Man Behind the Throne, (he will be speaking afterwards as well!) along with a new documentary called Marie’s Attitude, on the phenomenal ballerina Marie Lindqvist of the Royal Swedish Ballet. You can catch a glimpse of the latter in the teaser below!

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