Welcome Back, John Steppling!

John Steppling, playwright, thinker, cultural critic and activist, is back.
No, he’s not back in Los Angeles, or even in the United States. John has returned to us virtually, from his current abode in Namna, Norway, with the launch of his new website, http://john-steppling.com/
John is more than a great playwright. He is one of the major thinkers and philosophers of our generation. By wrapping the creative impulse into the way we live our lives, John addresses issues that matter to all of us.
Here’s a moment from a recent post:
How does a people, a society, routinely accept the narratives it consumes…for again, we are talking products here…how does a people so passively allow this? We allow it, for we have no power. But how do we so reflexively tolerate such insult? The mimetic dynamic with artworks, a huge topic I expect to write a lot about, and a difficult one, is nonetheless important to how a society orders its inner life. The applied narratives for electoral politics is quite deeply ingrained. Narrative matters.
I encourage our readers to bookmark John’s site and enjoy it regularly. He promises to write a lot, and also offer dramaturgy and workshops online.

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