What Are Some of the Best Summer Hair Looks?

Summer hairstyles tend to be a little more carefree than the looks you might sport the rest of the year. Generally, the best summer hairstyles are loose and “messy.” You have a few ways to approach this. For some, pulling hair fully or partially back is the only way to look and stay cool during the summer. Others like it free and loose! Here’s a rundown of beautiful summer hair looks that are delightfully easy to pull off:

● Loose, tousled waves.
● A long “mermaid” braid pulled to the side.
● A very loose ponytail with long, wavy wisps of hair framing the face.
● Deep, natural-looking waves.
● A “top knot” bun.

All of these million-dollar looks are so easy to pull off! You’re going to save a lot of time because there’s really no need to make these looks “perfect” before you walk out of the house. The really nice thing about them is that you can typically get several days out of each style. For instance, loose or tousled waves can be touched up by simply applying some gel and “crunching” your waves with your fingers. You can increase the lifespan of a long “mermaid” braid by wrapping it in a scarf overnight.

Transitioning Between Formal and Casual Summertime Hair Looks

The most popular summer hairstyles are luckily very versatile. There is always some worry that a casual summer hair look might not translate for more formal events and occasions. The reality is that the same summer hair look that fits in perfectly at a backyard luau or at the beach can also work for work.

One of the best ways to transform your summer hair look into a “professional” look is simply to add a sophisticated barrette or clip. A clip with just a little bit of shine or sparkle can really have a very polished, taming effect on hair that might otherwise make it seem like you just walked in from the beach. This is really the best way to enjoy “the best of both worlds” with a summer hair look. The same concept applies if you’re attending something like a wedding or formal dinner. Adding a lovely clip, headband or pinned flower to your hair can give a very casual hairstyle a slightly more polished vibe. Of course, you may simply want to focus on a very “neat” look like a “top knot” bun if you’ll be swimming in a pool or ocean. A stylish, tight bun allows you to keep your hair out of your face without the need to worry about how it will look once it dries.

Can You Use Wigs to Get Popular Summer Hair Looks?

You might be surprised to learn just how many people achieve their beautiful summer hair looks using wigs. Lace front wigs are particularly popular among people looking to transform their summer looks easily because this style of wig is so effortless and natural to wear. There’s also a lot of room to experiment when it comes to customizing lace front wigs to create braids or pull-backed looks.

Yes, Summer Is the Perfect Time to Play Around With a New Hair Look

A long, hot summer is a perfect time for trying out a fun, playful look! It’s okay if you simply don’t have the length or volume to pull off some of the longer, freer looks that are popular right now. You can add the “wow” factor needed to pull off any summertime hair look using lace front wigs!

Photo by Emilio Garcia on Unsplash

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