What Happens After the Replacement Windows are in Place?

The decision to invest in new windows in Vancouver, BC was a good one. You can already tell that the house looks a lot better. Along with appearance, those windows will provide quite a few benefits. Here are some that you’re likely to notice within the first week.

There’s Less Noise Filtering Into the House

You’d grown used to street noise filtering into the house, so it may be a bit of a shock when the noise is less pronounced. This was not something you were expecting to happen. How is it that these new windows keep so much noise out?

Two features of those new windows aid in noise reduction. The window construction eliminated all of the gaps and cracks that were present with the old windows. This effectively closed some of the entry points for outside noise. A second factor is the double or triple pane glass; it keeps out noise even as it keeps heat and cold from getting into the house. Enjoy the increased peace and quiet.

The HVAC Unit Runs Less Often

After a few days, you notice that the heating and cooling unit doesn’t seem to cycle on as often. Even so, the temperature inside is just the way you like it. How could that be?

Your new windows are more energy efficient than the old ones. Since they block more heat and cold, the HVAC unit doesn’t have to run as often to maintain the temperature that you prefer. Enjoy the lower power bill when it arrives next month.

The Drafts are Gone

Do you find it more pleasant to stand or sit closer to the windows? Feeling a breeze when you have a window open is one thing. A draft when the window is shut is something else entirely. That’s the way things were with the old windows.

Thanks to the new windows, the drafts are history. Unless you decide to open a sash, there’s no air stirring. This quality will allow you to sit in you favorite chair, look out of that new window, and feel comfortable no matter what the weather is doing.

Opening a Window is No Longer a Struggle

You had grown accustomed to not opening some windows around the house. It wasn’t a matter of preference; the fact is that some of them were so stuck that you risked developing a hernia if you tried to open the sashes. It was easier to just leave them alone.

Thanks to the new windows, you can now open any of them at will. Let in as much fresh air as you like whenever the mood strikes. If you’ve not been able to do this for years, letting in some air in the morning or late in the evening may be a real treat.

The decision to call Canadian Choice Windows and invest in new windows was definitely a good one. Enjoy all the little ways that they make life around the house better. Tell your friends and see what they think. Based on your experience, they may decide this is the year to do something about their older windows too.

Photo by Nathan Fertig on Unsplash

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