What is a crypto affiliate?

Bitcoin affiliate programs are an excellent method to make inactive benefits. Other affiliate programs existed before the advent of cryptocurrency and we have long been trained to make money from affiliate or referral programs.

What is passive income?

Patient revenue is income that needs small or no attempt to create and manage. Many online influencers achieve affiliate strategy and generate passive income simply by referring their users/visitors/viewers to other companies.

How does it work with bitcoin?

Cryptocurrency affiliate programs are everywhere. Cloud mining, digital wallet, exchange platform, etc. They are all trying to implement an affiliate program to drive more traffic to their site.

These services pay you for what you say, tweet, or write about your business to your audience (your website visitors, podcast listeners, channel viewers, or just friends).

How it works:

  • You register on the site of services offering an affiliate program.
  • The site will give you a single URL, QR code, promo code, etc.
  • You pass this code or URL to your friends and other audience.
  • Your public posts snap on the link and order their help.
  • You earn your commission (a percentage of the purchase).
  • Voila! This is your passive income.

Some sites offer their coins as commissions; some provide small amounts of major cryptocurrencies; some reduce withdrawal fees, etc. To each his own.

We won’t promise that this is a lot of money without any effort, but if your audience is wide enough and you continue to stick with the program, you will make decent money.

Bitcoin Affiliate Giants


LocalBitcoins.com comes in handy many times. It is a platform that creates a safe space for peers to connect and exchange their fiat and crypto (in person, via bank transfers, exchanges, etc.).


Coinbase is a well-known platform, completely crypto hub if you will. They have a sizable exchange platform accumulating nearly 80% of the crypto community. They offer their digital wallet, credit/debit card solution, and affiliate program.

Questions and answers

How else can I make money on affiliate programs?

Affiliate programs are attractive because they require minimal effort. Besides being able to make money on your friends, you can make it a profession (kind of).

Participation in an affiliate program means that you are selling a specific product. The more genuine you trade it, the more exciting personalities you hold. If you notice that you are particularly good at marketing products and services, you can make it a profession and add more to your affiliate strategy. Read more about LetsExchange cryptocurrency referral program.

How can I earn more bitcoins? (except for affiliate programs?)

  • Cloud mining
  • Bitcoin trading
  • Bitcoin lending
  • gambling
  • other.

There are many ways to earn bitcoins, but they all require knowledge and further research.

Where can I promote my referral code?

Anywhere online. If you have a large audience on social media, a forum, a YouTube channel, or a group of friends, you can advertise the code. You can also send messages to your colleagues and chat groups. Use your imagination for this.


It is quite possible to earn Bitcoin from affiliate programs. It takes precision, dedication and a large audience. As you can see, you have many options to start with. Guard out for scams and make your enough attention. Of course, that’s not all, but these are just industry giants. To get more info read https://letsexchange.io/for-partners

Photo by Executium on Unsplash

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