What Is Casement Window

The casement windows that are often interchangeably named as crank windows are perfect for providing ventilation in your bathroom and kitchen. These windows have an easy opening and closing phenomenon. The supporting arm is cranked outward by the window handle and that feature owes to its name. You can open the windows on both rights and left side outwards. The fold-down and easy to turn the handle brings ease in the opening and closing process. Areas like bathroom, sitting rooms, kitchen, sunrooms require ample ventilation to let the air cross through. The casement windows are a great option in all such places. If you are an explorer then you can enjoy the outdoor sight without any obstructions with casement windows.

Advantages Of Installing Casement Windows

1. The ninety-degree opening of the windows allows easy cleaning of the casement windows from inside and outside. This way your view remains crystal clear.

2. The screen of the window is embedded inside due to which they remain safe from dust and ask for less dusting.

3. The casement windows come with a tighter seal which is not the case with other windows and hence the energy efficiency is also better.

4. The ventilation through casement windows is best due to their large opening. They contain an open sash which allows the breeze to enter through sides. If you wish to enjoy the refreshing air inside your living room, the casement windows would be a real advantage.

5. The casement windows do not have a lot many muntins. This provides a broader and clearer outdoor view. The muntins are available in wooden, metallic, vinyl, fiberglass material. They are used to separate the glass panes. This feature is not present in other window types that are commonly installed in most of the houses. You thus get a seamless connection from your interior with your outer landscape.

6. Variegated designing of casement windows make them fit for almost any and every type of setting. The few to be named are French, Colonial grill and pushout.

7. The casement locks in the casement window are hook-shaped which adds to the security of your home.

8. The casement windows do not have a flexible seal which leads to better energy efficiency, unlike sliding windows. Sliding windows rather have a flexible seal.

Things To Be Kept In Mind While Buying A Quality Casement Window

A quality casement window should have certain properties to make your purchase cost-efficient. This is possible only when you have complete knowledge about the essential details of a good quality casement window.

There is a list of things that a window manufacturer should take care of while designing a quality casement window design:

1. The sashes and frames of the window you are buying must be fully reinforced. Keep this fact in mind while buying a casement window.

2. The reinforcement should be four-sided to ensure that your purchase is durable and long-lasting.

3. The casement windows that can open to a maximum of a ninety-degree angle will be great for successful ventilation. Many casement window manufacturers provide casement windows that can open to a complete ninety-degree angle. Proper airflow is your prime motive.

4. There are customizing options available in the market. Thus prefer to go for a customized casement window to get the most of your product.

Casement Window Setting

There are certain physical properties of a window like their dimensions that should fit into the window opening. Select according to the dimensions which window type will best suit your architecture. If the window openings are narrow and tall then you should choose a casement window. They can be opened using a handle or a crank. The sides of the window frames are attached to the casement window. These windows swing in the outward direction. To place the windows at the desired location, it is important to keep these facts in mind.


The windows and doors of your house play an important part in maintaining security and various purposes. Thus, you should make an intelligent choice while buying replacement windows and doors. It is essential to enjoy the outdoor sight and nice design which can change the look of your house for the better. We hope you got a good insight into the casement windows type.

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