What is driving the current cannabis craze?

For some time now, cannabis consumption has become a common talking point in American, Canadian, and European culture. While much of Canada and the US now is open to medical and/or recreational use of cannabis, Europe is far more conservative. However, growing interest in the use of cannabis-based products has become a major cultural talking point. Is this a craze due to the changing legality, or is there something else to this?

Whether you are looking to work out what Delta 8 THC is, the growing alternative to THC use, or you want to know more about the growing CBD culture, there is no shortage of information. While groups like Vida Optima make it easier than ever to get your hands on cannabis-based products, understanding why this industry has grown so fast is intriguing. Let’s look at some of the reasons.

People want to find easier ways to relax

One of the main reasons given by the current cannabis craze is the fact that so many people simply want to relax. The COVID-19 pandemic in particular has driven anxieties through the roof. So, when people read about THC and CBD goods that can help them to relax, they tend to get quite interested.

More people than ever are aware of their mental health and being able to find ways to manage and control our bouts of anxiety is very important. CBD in particular is aimed at controlling anxiety, which is a big reason why the cannabis craze is growing.

Not everyone enjoys alcohol

While not everyone has a vice, many of the younger generations are choosing to eschew alcohol. While pub and club culture were huge parts of cultural life across Europe and America until now, drinking rates are going down. However, some – especially those who visit cultural hotspots such as Amsterdam – see a way to have fun that does not involve drinking alcohol.

Whether that involves using real cannabis or Delta 8 THC, an alternative, is down to the user. However, those looking for a ‘party’ device find cannabis to be more suited to a low-pace, calming environment.

The topic is on the news

Another common reason is the fact that cannabis news is all around us. You see it in discussions on TV, in social media, and popular culture. Cannabis legalization means that it is beginning to be more commonly seen in North American culture, such as TV and movies. This means that many more people are both aware of its existence, and less likely to feel apprehensive about trying it out due to the change in legality.

Natural medicine is ‘in’

The other main reason is that cannabis, particularly CBD products, are marketed as a natural way to combat things like pain, distress, anxiety, and even sleeping disorders. For that reason, many people today are turning to CBD and cannabis products as a more natural way to handle their mental and physical issues. While more research is needed to help confirm these trends, it is definitely a big reason as to why cannabis culture is thriving.

We live in a world where culture changes all the time, and the consensus is that cannabis is far more mainstream than anyone could have ever expected. There are various reasons why cannabis is an open topic today – the fact it is no longer taboo, though, is only part of the discussion.

Photo by Kym MacKinnon on Unsplash

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